National Chiropractic Health Month on October, 2024: whats the best over the counter medicine for a bad back?

October, 2024 is National Chiropractic Health Month 2024. Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO): National Chiropractic Health Month National Chiropractic Health

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whats the best over the counter medicine for a bad back?

I would advise that you get this taken care of by a quality chiropractor. Chiropractic has been indicated to be the best option for spinal problems such as back pain. Chiropractic is totally safe and very effective. Medication use especially long term use of medications such as those used to alleviate symptoms like pain and headaches have severe side-effects that can cause kidney failure, liver failure, heart failure, increase your chances of cancers, and such medications are known to cause around 20,000 deaths per year.

American Association for Cancer Research

NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as advil, motrin, aleve, ibuprofen, naproxen, ect. taken for 6 months doubles a persons chances of heart attack, stroke, or other heart related problem. “NSAID users were dying at twice the rate of nonusers.” Ibuprofen users were 3 times likely to die of cardiovascular problems.

Journal of the National Institute of Cancer published a research study done on 114,460 women that showed women who take ibuprofen for 5 yrs are 50% more likely to develop breast cancer and women who take aprin for 5 yrs are 80% more likely to develop breast cancer.

The Lancet, the world’s leading general medical journal, and the British Medical Journal published this randomized study of chiropractic and hospital out patient treatment. The study used 741 patients. They noted the study “showed a strong and clear advantage for patients with chiropractic.”

Chiropractic looks to correct the cause of the problem not just cover it up with a medication that will ultimately do more harm than good.

Chiropractor help????? :’( dislocated ?

Chiropractor help????? :'( dislocated ?

It is very difficult for anyone to make a proper assessment of your condition based upon the information that you have provided. Clinical history and diagnostics are required before opinions can be given. I can tell you some facts however relating to chiropractic and auto injuries.

According to the director of Health and Human Services, Katherine Sebelius, Chiropractic is 5x more effective for treating musculoskeletal conditions than medicine. This was detailed in a study of over 5000 people that were suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. this study was conducted by the Dept. of health and human services. The skeptics who bash chiro should read this study rather than speak non-scientifically and from arrogance and un-educated positions on this matter. Apropos is totally wrong here. He stated that they are "ignorant quacks"- totally biased and inaccurate statement. Chiropractors actually receive their education from schools that receive their authority from the dept of education (the same govt agency that grants authority to medical schools). They are required to pass 4 national boards and in most states a state board examination. Totoal hours of class training is tantamount to any medical student. SO therefore if chiros are ignorant quacks then by association so are medical doctors. In addition, you are seeing this chiro for pain. At no time did you state that this chiro promised you to cure your cancer and diabetes and every ailment that you ever had or would have. Why does Apropos even suggest this here?!? Totally out of context and is not even addressing your question. Finally he suggests that the chiro is using and Activator? I am really impressed by Apropos psychic abilities! He can see clear across space and time to your visits the the chiro!!! AMAZING! There are in fact many types of instrument adjusting that chiros have at their disposal. Activator is just one and it happens to be one of the most heavily researched and scrutinized techniques in chiropractic. So once again the statement made by Apropos is 100% false and biased. He/she does not have any idea what they are talking about, and his/her answer is completely biased and without the slightest bit of merit.

As far as your case is concerned, it is important that you are re-evaluated at regular intervals to monitor your condition. Many times patients may not perceive the gains they make in care. For example when you first went to the Chiro what was your pain level? If it was a 10/10 and now it is a 5/10 then you have made progress. If you however do not feel that treatment goals are being met then it is your right to seek different treatment. If you are failing to progress and improve, then the chiro should be asking himself why and helping you to find someone to assist you to get better. This may in fact lead to a physiatrist, orthopedic or general medical provider.

Good luck.

What is the healthcare system in Norway?

What is the healthcare system in Norway?

Everyone has a fastlege (GP) that handles basic health and referrals if you need to see a specialist. Each doctor has a cap on the number of patients on their list. You can choose any of the doctors as long as they are taking new patients. You can change doctors a couple of times per year if you are unhappy with your choice, or when you move. I just checked the list for my area, and there are about 30 doctors in the city currently taking new patients.

A regular appointment costs 130kr. A specialist costs 280kr. Lab tests cost about 50kr, and xrays 200kr.

There's a cap on the amount you pay per year of 1780kr, including regular prescriptions. The most you can pay per 3 months for a regular prescription is 520kr. After you reach the 1780kr limit, you get a free card for the rest of the year.

Some prescriptions aren't on the free card (like birth control or one-time prescriptions) but are generally not expensive.

Physiotherapy, chiropractic, dentistry and a few other specialties either have a higher limit or aren't covered under national healthcare.

There are emergency appointments you can make with your doctor to see them same day if necessary. Otherwise, it usually takes a couple of days. There are also emergency clinics that are open 24 hours a day, which mostly handle patients after-hours and can make referrals. These cost the same as a specialist appointment, and are covered if you have a free card.

Referrals can take up to about 3 months for non-emergencies. If you don't want to wait, there's always the option of private doctors, although they cost more and aren't covered by the free card.

The quality of healthcare is very good, I've lived in 4 countries (also US, UK and Sweden) and think the Scandinavian countries have the best general care.

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