Pizza Month on October, 2024: Which month should be deemed as National Pizza Month and why?

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Pizza Month

Although Pizza Month might be considered a great excuse to possess thirty days of back-to-back pizza with the trimmings, it’s most likely not the very best arrange for watching your waistline! Enjoy sensibly, and spend the month sampling various kinds of pizza (moderately)!

Which month should be deemed as National Pizza Month and why?

Only if the whole pizza is made totally from CERTIFIED ORGANIC ingredients then maybe....maybe in the winter months.

How much pizza do Vietnamese eat a week/a month?

How much pizza do Vietnamese eat a week/a month?

I would "guesstimate" that the average Vietnamese (native) has never eaten pizza. I have bought a couple of pizzas in this country and the best thing I can say about them is they didn't make me commit suicide. lol I haven't tried pizza hut, I won't even eat that in America.

The problem with pizza over here is that good cheese cost a fortune. There is no dairy industry to speak of.

I make my own pizza for the wife and kids. Home-made crispy dough, pan pizza with at least a pound of cheddar/mozzarella mix. I usually add garlic sauted clams or shrimp. It costs a couple of days pay of an average Viet to make one pizza.

If you are thinking of opening a pizza shop here, bring a lot of dairy cows and learn to make cheese. It's too expensive any other way.

People in the larger cities are more affluent and will try Pizza Hut, KFC etc, but I think the price is a stumbling block for most. (KFC stinks over here, the "chicken" is the size of a pidgeon and it costs the equivalent of $3 usd to get a two piece meal. I'm American so I have my own deep fat fryer, BBQ, ice cream maker, etc. There are some things a person shouldn't have to live without;-)

Pizza - 6 month OLD lol. oh boy...self feeders, uh is this ok ?

Pizza - 6 month OLD lol. oh boy...self feeders, uh is this ok ?

As long as he is not allergic to anything on or in the pizza he should be fine with some supervision. Especially with pizza, it is so soft and gummy to begin with. It probably felt good on his teeth as well as tasting good. I would still give him baby food and breast milk or formula (whichever you are using) for the nutrition. It is good for babies to learn to feed themselves, that way you don't have a 3 year old who can't eat anything but baby food. (I have seen it happen) Just don't expect that to be his sole source of nutrition till he is at least a year old.


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