Health Literacy Month on October, 2023: What Is a Health Care Secretary? What Education Do They Have?

October, 2023 is Health Literacy Month 2023. Health Literacy Month Home - Health Literacy Health Literacy Month is a

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What Is a Health Care Secretary? What Education Do They Have?

What education is required to be a health care secretary? They generally hire CMA which require anywhere from 9 months of school to 2 years for an associates. They are required to pass national testing. They also Hire LPN's which require 1 year of school and generally are higher than a CMA. The latter is generally CNA, CMA, LPN, RN ASSOC, RN BA and RN MA.

Is she even qualified to give out medical advise? Under The Doctors supervision yes she is allowed to generally they take notes in your chart regarding the question and the answer she/he gave then the DR signs off on it stating yes it was the same advice he would have given.

Just because it is not what 1 DR advised doesn't mean its wrong. Technically you should give your body a rest from all the hormones. You realize taking them non stop for ten years will give you an added 42 years worth of hormones. Just because is not what you want to hear or becuase its not what 1 dr told you does not make it incorrect. So either you go back to this great DR you had before and cough up the price or you listen and take in the information given to you by someone who might have an education in this field or atleast have been trained to be in this field. This is what they do day in day out. This is what they deal with a gyno deals with alot more than they do so he may not be brushed up on everything. These "clinicians" and "Health care secretaries" deal with birth control atleats 20x a day and have REPS who come in and educate them also get literacy to read. Im sure they are up to par with all methods and suggestions. It was a suggestion and if you dont take it that is your choice she did her job. They can not hide your next pack so you get a period. All they do is advice and document that that was done. So in the future when you have a complication due to overdosing your body with hormones they can say and show in their documentation that they did advice that and you choose to not follow their advice.

Do you click on the Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, Animal Rescue sites?

Do you click on the Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Literacy, Rainforest, Animal Rescue sites?

It makes me feel good when I click on them, and if you think about it, it is a good way to get people to come to your website.

Right now, (a combination of all the search engines like google) is doing a donation for every search.

the number in the corner changes every time I go one, so they must be doing SOMETHING.

I have heard that the advertisers pay the website, so every time you click and see the ad, the advertiser pays the website, and some of the money goes to a good cause.

On this website, every time you get an answer right about a vocabulary question, 10 grains of rice are donated to an African country.

Pretty cool :)

What is the best country in Europe?

What is the best country in Europe?

Norway has consistently ranked among the best, not only for Europe but in the world according to the Human Development Index of the United Nations. It ranks a lot higher than the US for instance in matters like standard of living, infant mortality rate, access to health care, literacy. You get at least a month paid vacation every year and one year maternity/paternity time when you have a kid. However if you prefer to live on an island, Iceland ranks even higher but not by much.

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