National Zoo and Aquarium Month on June, 2023: What places could I take my 10 month old this summer?

June, 2023 is National Zoo and Aquarium Month 2023. National Zoo & Aquarium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia National Zoo & Aquarium logo

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What places could I take my 10 month old this summer?

mmm....10 months old??? we went to Asbury Park last summer because it was the closest beach for us. We live in Orange County NY. We went to the beach then walked on the boardwalk for abit. They have a nice water park there for young kids. It was fantastic, my kids are older but it was one of the best day trips we have ever taken. they went inthe ocean for abit, flew kites, played inthe sand, then we went to the water park...simple things, spouting water, rides. It was so great because it was close to home...kind of and at the end of our day we went back to the waterpark to rince sand off the kids and they have showers and a place to change. Its not a water park but a sprinkler park and may be good for your child.

Van Saun County park may be fun. they have a zoo there and alot of other fun stuff to do, a it. Shouldn't be to far from NYC.

we have a childrens museum here, we joined and can go to any museum in "the plan" there is a childrens museum in NYC..not sure where, I think it is near the Museum of Natural Histroy. It must be better than our childrens museum.....It is in NYC...and ours is great!

10 months is such a hard age to find "stuff to do". Have fun this summer, next year you will have alot more options and alot of fun. Not that I am wishing your baby to get older a year makes lot of difference..."fun wise" at this age. Next year plan a trip to Seaworld!!! We took my son at 2, he LOVED it, so much we have gone back 3 years in a row.

We took the trip to Mystic...ok but, not worth the long trip. The aquarium at coney island...not as good but fine at 10 months old, and alot closer to home.

If you get the membership to the bronx zoo..about $150 for the family for the year you can visit all the places included..the central park zoo the aquarium in coney island, I think there is one in statan islnad, bronx zoo. You are right there so the membership may be worth it for your family. If you go to one of the places once a month you will more than get your moneys worth, and be contributing to the National Wild Life socitey.

Going to New Orleans next month. Anybody have some good ideas of stuff to do?

Going to New Orleans next month. Anybody have some good ideas of stuff to do?

There are many sightseeing opportunities in the greater New Orleans area, including carriage rides/tours, plantation tours, swamp tours, ghost tours, and even Katrina disaster tours. The steamboat Natchez also does a harbor tour. There are numerous tour companies and your hotel can help with the arrangements. Try to avoid scheduling an outdoor tour until you know the weather forecast for the day in question.

There is always music, but the bands change: Go to and click on Music then Listings or to and click on Listings, then Music.

Wander around the French Quarter, enjoy the architecture, watch the street entertainers (do tip), and visit some of the historic buildings that have been turned into museums. Most of them charge admission but some are free (go to and click on Historic Attractions).

Assuming the weather is good, you can collect a sandwich lunch and eat in the riverfront park (watch the shipping) or in Jackson Square (a very nice park).

The Riverwalk shopping center has an air-conditioned food court with dining overlooking the river (

The lobby for the Wyndham Canal Place is on the 11th floor and overlooks the French Quarter. It is a great place for an afternoon drink/snack:

Cafe du Monde is in the French Quarter and you shouldn't miss having cafe au lait & beignets ( Another great coffee shop is the Croissant d'Or (at 615 Ursulines Street), which is open from 7:00am to 2:00pm and has food other than pastry.

The Palm Court restaurant is very nice, has moderate prices, and traditional live jazz starting at 8:00pm: 1204 Decatur Street, tel 504-525-0200 (reservations are important and they are not open every day).

All of the famous restaurants (Antoine's, Arnaud's, Commander's Palace, etc.) have reopened. Reservations are a good idea, and probably essential on weekends.

Cafe Degas is a very French restaurant near City Park at 3127 Esplanade - which is not within walking distance of downtown (5 to 10 minutes by taxi). They are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays (504-945-5635).

There is a free ferry across the Mississippi at the "foot" of Canal Street. It is a short trip but like a harbor cruise w/o a guide:

The Aquarium and Audubon Zoo are world-class attractions ( and you should see them if you can. There is a shuttle boat (not free) between the Aquarium (which is next to the French Quarter) and the Zoo (which is several miles away). You can also drive to the Zoo (which has free parking) or take public transit from the French Quarter.

The Louisiana State Museum () is in the French Quarter. New Orleans is also home to a number of other museums, such as the National World War II Museum ( and the New Orleans Museum of Art ( Both can be reached by public transit: The WWII museum is in the central business district but a long walk from the French Quarter. NOMA is not within walking distance of downtown but has free parking.

New Orleans City Park has an amusement park with rides and attractions for children + free parking:

Check for ideas on other things to do.

I live and work in NOLA and you are welcome to write to me if you would like more information. I don't work in the travel, tourism, or real estate fields so won't try to sell anything to you.

Hope you have a good visit!

what are attractions near fairfax virginia that are cappable of visiting during the month of

what are attractions near fairfax virginia that are cappable of visiting during the month of january. The attr

Everything in Washington DC: the Smithsonsian museums, the archives, National Gallery & the portrait gallery, the Washington monument & Lincoln & Jefferson memorials, the Viet Nam memorial, the Spy Museum, Georgetown, the Zoo, Kennedy Center, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, ...

Outside of Washington there are also a lot of things within 3.5 hr: Mount Vernon, Old Town Alexandria, Bull Run Battlefield Park, the Air & Space Museum Annex near Dulles Airport, the Aquarium in Baltimore, tons of shopping, the Custis Lee mansion, Sulley Plantation, the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, Williamsburg, the National Firearms Museum, Great Falls Park, National Cemetary, Monticello, ...

The amusement parks in the area will be closed, but just about everything else will be open.

Also on this date Thursday, June 1, 2023...