National Pizza Party Day 2025 is on Friday, May 16, 2025: Spiritually Speaking, should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?

Friday, May 16, 2025 is National Pizza Party Day 2025. National Pizza Party Day 2011 – You can Honor a Teacher National Pizza Party Day

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Spiritually Speaking, should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?

i don't drink anymore, but i am all for the national holiday. i am exhausted.

What are some great ideas for a brand new National Honor Society to begin with?

What are some great ideas for a brand new National Honor Society to begin with?

Google "national honor society" (activities OR projects) - and you'll find many interesting ideas. E.g.,


--"Typical service projects include tutoring programs for underclassmen, reading development for elementary students, fundraising for local or national charities, blood drives, serving meals at local food banks and soup kitchens, and servicing the needs of the elderly in the community.


---Writing letters to soldiers is a simple, yet important activity that can truly benefit those far away from home. Even writing about simple things like what is going on in your life, or just that you support them and are thinking of them cheers them up while they are away from their loved ones. It is also a good activity to do at afterschool meetings so they do not seem like a "waste" of people’s time.

---Visiting nursing homes is an activity that we do every year. Call the home ahead of time and schedule a visitation and they will be more than welcome to have your club there visiting. Before you go, have your members make cards (we make holiday and christmas cards) that have cheerful, happy messages. We also hand out beads (since it is not a good idea to bring cookies or other food due to diatery issues) which everyone seems to love! Afterwards we go to the activity room and sing a few Christmas carols, either with a CD playing, or with no music. This is a great activity since it connects young people with their elders, and allows them to easily brighten up someone elses day. Many elderly people do not get many visitors, so it is nice to chat with them for a little while and see how they are doing.

---Canned food drives are a popular activity during the holiday season and they can go towards many different groups. Either a homeless shelter, local relief organization, Salvation Army, or other places in your community. The NHS at my school had a school-wide canned food drive. They asked each 2nd period class to bring cans, and the class that brought in the most won a pizza party. The NHS totaled over 900 cans. This canned food drive lasted apporximately one week. My club stood outside of grocery stores on the weekend before Thanksgiving, asking for donations from customers either by donating money or buying cans inside. We recieved over 500 cans which we donated to a local shelter. Another good idea is to do a canned food drive not during the holiday season since many shelters run low during the spring and summer months.

---Community Clean Ups. We live by the beach so monthly we go out and clean up the beach, but if you do not then you can always clean up national parks, playgrounds, your school, neighborhoods, scenic areas, lakes, parks or where ever else. This is a good and easy way to get your club active and outside into their community.


---Make A Difference Day 1999 allowed Beta students to collect

pledges for a fellow Beta student who was injured in a hunting accident during the school year. The students were able to collect $500.00.

---The School Beautification Project gave the school a major overhaul. Students provided a much needed service by scrubbing cafeteria floors, scraping gum from lunchroom tables, making numerous glass display cases and windows clean. They also focused on Liter Patrol, which became an on-going

project that required full participation from the student body.

---The Bayou Vista Trail Maintenance Project allowed students to collect canned goods and non-perishable items for families and individuals that are battling AIDS. The items were then sorted and distributed to the families.

---The Sunbridge Care Facility enabled students to visit residents, play board games and present them with special musical presentations. During Easter, the students made 152 hats for the residents, to be worn at the Easter party.

Good luck,


Any great ideas for fundraising? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Challenge Walk...?

Any great ideas for fundraising? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Challenge Walk...?

If you are a teenager, ask your school to get involved. Ask for donation of SPARE CHANGE only. Have a contest where the classroom that brings in the most money gets a pizza or ice cream party. You can get a local pizza place to donate the food or give you a great discount. You would be amazed what you can get just by asking.

If not a teenager in school, still ask the local high school or elementary schools for help. Just ask to talk to the principal.

Also, don't just send letters to the places you do business.....go in and follow-up. It's easy for business owners to shove a letter aside, but more difficult to say no in person. Also, they may have received the letter and now known who you are. Put a face to it and ask person-to-person.

Also on this date Friday, May 16, 2025...