National Defense Transportation Day 2025 is on Friday, May 16, 2025: Is the Iraq war linked to this nations current economic status?

Friday, May 16, 2025 is National Defense Transportation Day 2025.

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Is the Iraq war linked to this nations current economic status?

It's one of many contributing factors. Others include Health care, Social Security, the national debt, Defense, Transportation, Education, Welfare, etc. etc. and of course etc. See the Federal budget at the Office of Management and Budget for a more indepth look at what impacts our economy.

Where can one find a present-day socialist nation?

Where can one find a present-day socialist nation?

I would suggest refraining from over-analyzing so you can see the trees for the forest. Start here:

so·cial·ism   /ˈsoʊʃəˌlɪzəm/ Show Spelled[soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Show IPA


1.a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

...Which definition loosely characterizes where ownership and control might be centered. Hence, the tagging of a socialist country lies in the missions of its organizations. If educated in US business schools, one may have been force-fed the belief that business must operate under missions "to earn profit." OK, fine. So, those are capitalist organizations.

Socialist organizations subordinate profit for the primary mission "to benefit society" - which does nothing to demonize profit. See following for the model socialist nation:

The perpetual game (not an end game) of liberalism can be exemplified nearly perfectly with the best government in the world - in Japan, where I have lived for over 15 years. Far freer, far more economically blessed, and far safer, Japan is the model you seek with your question.

I do, however, get weary of answering questions such as yours again and again - so I kindly ask that you retain the below data for your files.

By the way, Japan's is a socialist system. Cooperative corporatism is the method of economy, and there are no rich factions controlling corporations (hence, the rich provide no jobs here).

- free and open national and local elections which are very competitive across several parties, ruling party provides prime minister in the Diet

- national health care, full coverage at $125 per month (upper middle class income level compared to US), no rejections

- 3%-5% unemployment ongoing, during most recent US-caused recession maximum at 5.7% -

- under 10% personal income taxes

- 40% corporate income taxes

- 22,000 licensed lawyers as a cap with little to nothing to do (0.01% of population) (while US 1.2 million lawyers or 0.4% of population) – people solve their own problems rather than working-class leeching courts

- public transportation provided at no charge to all workers – paid by employing companies

- oligopolized, inter-cooperative banks operating under missions “to benefit society” rather than “to earn profit” (no working class gouging ATM fees) (no checking accounts to gouge workers) (low interest and generous forbearance)

- setting 10% product price mark-up typically across-the-board by sellers (voluntary based on honor and regard), heedless of fluctuations in demand – effectively discourages consumer price gouging

- subsidized staple food products to the end consumer, regulating ongoing fair pricing

- no abusive sin taxes

- most equitable wage distribution in the world (a. of course extracts threat of executive thievery/ b. worst is the US and UK)

- lowest crime rate in the world (due to no rich class oppression) (AND only 1.8 police per 1000 people vs. 2.85 per 1000 in the US)

- even the very, very few homeless in Japan WILL NOT beg – perfectly debunks vacuous accusations that socialism creates dependency, and rather displays that socialism heightens personal honor -

- free to carry a beer into a theatre or onto a train (just threw that in to exhibit daily freedom from fascist abuse) (Why can we do this? Because competition is not a forced philosophy here. The theatre doesn’t force their product down my throat, nor get their panties in any wad over what I do. I’m FREE here.)

And here's the clincher:

- $28 trillion in national savings ($13 trillion of which held by households)

So, it's not an end in any measure, as this society continues its improvements and perfections daily and annually. Therefore, it's perpetuity - or an "organism" which grows and develops.

Have a nice day!

[Some talk about high public debt in Japan, which is a reality due only to the low tax rates as listed above, however - Japan's public debt is written only (most nearly only) to its own public. That is, Japan owes its public debt to itself: ]

How would you like federal tax money spent?

How would you like federal tax money spent?

it's my day off from school and studying, so i refuse to bust out the calculator.

but i feel more money should go to veterans and retired folks- those folks get thrown under the bus way too much, health care, scientific/medical research, education should be at least 5% if not higher, and defense/security should be no more then 15%, transportation should also be at least 5%- better transportation encourages a lot of folks to drive less.

Also on this date Friday, May 16, 2025...