Bats Day 2025 is on Friday, May 16, 2025: Where are bats during the day?

Friday, May 16, 2025 is Bats Day 2025.

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Where are bats during the day?

They look for a safe,comfortable place to roost during the daylight hours. They need a safe haven to raise their babies. They must have a winter hide a way to while away the winter as they hibernate. It doesn't take much of a disturbance to cause them to awake and if it happens only a couple of times in winter they run out of body reserves and starve.

Here in Indiana and Kentucky the scientists put locators on the bats to discover how far, and where the bats went when they emerged from the caves to eat. It was verified they can travel miles to find food. They do have special areas like around bright lights that attract insects. Perhaps you have some there in , whats its name, oh yeah, Las Vegas?

Some may roost in the buildings during the day. They only need an incredibly small opening to squeeze through. Sometimes they will just spend the day hanging in trees or other protected spots. I found several hanging in my raspberry plot from time to time during the day time hours. Nevada has a lot of prime hiding places for bats. The insects that they hunt, like the bats, are most active just as the evening approaches. The lights of your fair city attracts the insects. The bats know where to go to maximize their hunting time.

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on the effects of "Second hand smoke" on the bats that hide in the attics of the casinos?

If Mothers Day Has Pink Bats, WIll Fathers Day Have Blue Bats?

If Mothers Day Has Pink Bats, WIll Fathers Day Have Blue Bats?

While there will not be blue bats, MLB does do things for prostate cancer awareness.

On Father's Day, coaches, managers, players and even groundskeepers wear blue to show their support, and all home teams will feature a special MLB/Father's Day blue ribbon logo on batting helmets, will have blue ribbons on the bases, home plate and the pitching rubber, and will use special lineup cards.

In addition, MLB teams will raise money during that week from donations pledged by fans and sponsors who make pledges based on how many home runs are hit during 60 selected games during father's Day Week.

Since 1997, MLB has helped raise more than $28 million through the Home Run Challenge to assist in prostate cancer research, including $2.8 million last season.

So no blue bats, but a lot of other good things going on.

i saw a bat in day light?

i saw a bat in day light?

which coonrty do you live in? I live in Australia and we don't have rabies so I couldn't tell you whether it has rabies or not. As for it being there during the day, I'd say it jst needed somewhere to land. I'd just leave it alone. Or if you want you could probably very carefully pick it up(use something like gloves or somthing) and put it in a tree if you wat. that or you could take it to a vet.

And are you sure its a bat? cause I don't see how a bat could look like a frog.

Also on this date Friday, May 16, 2025...