National Payroll Week on September, 2024: Why is the national sales tax idea not a fair one?

National Payroll Week 2024.

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Why is the national sales tax idea not a fair one?

National sales tax won't happen, because that would mean that millionaires and billionaires wouldn't have any tax loop holes to exempt them from paying taxes.

Sine next week is National Payroll will you celebrate?

Sine next week is National Payroll will you celebrate?

by doing nothing

A little something about National Insurance?

A little something about National Insurance?

It should come through in a few weeks, and soon after the "evidence of identity" interview, but it's not desperately urgent. Provided that you get it before the tax year ends next April (so bags of time!) and your employer has it by then, your employer can happily go ahead with keep records of your tax and NI, and connect the number to them later. I happen to know how payrolls in the UK work as I ran one once - all the employer does each month is send the total amount of tax and NI deducted to HMRC, and HMRC only find out how much of it relates to each individual employee when the employer sends in a detailed list at the end of the tax year. Provided your employer has got the NI number from you by then, your NI contributions will be connected to you.

However, you need to fill in a P46 form to tell HMRC you have started work, and your NI number needs to go on that. You may be able to get away with leaving it off the form to start with and if that's a problem, HMRC will tell you.

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...
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