Miss America Pageant 2021 is on Tuesday, September 14, 2021: Should the Miss AmericaMiss USA pageants have plastic surgery guidelines?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 is Miss America Pageant 2021.

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Should the Miss America/Miss USA pageants have plastic surgery guidelines?

The break down of scoring for Miss America is as follows:

* Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 15%

* Evening Wear - 20%

* Talent - 35%

* Private Interview - 25%

* On-Stage Question – 5%

As far as Miss America contestants go, I don't know of many who have had any cosmetic work done. Most of the girls are college students trying to get a scholarship and struggling to pay for their wardrobe. I know that the pageant discourages cosmetic surgery, and if anyone were to get it done for a leg-up in the pageant, I personally think that's pretty sad. However, if someone has had cosmetic surgery in the past, and later decides to compete in a pageant, I don't see any reason to exclude them from the pageant. After all, 60% of the scoring comes from a 10 minute private interview with the judges and from their talent, neither of which would be helped by cosmetic surgery. (p.s. many of the girls enhance their busts with duct tape for swimsuit and evening gown competitions anyway)

When is the Miss America Pageant 2012?

When is the Miss America Pageant 2012?

Miss America 2012 was already on back on January 15th. Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler, won the title.

When does the Miss America Pageant start?

When does the Miss America Pageant start?

Look at your state or local preliminary for Miss America, just search 'Miss America -insert your state-', but only if you have a talent worthy of preforming on stage.

If you want something a little less labor intensive with more rewards and publicity, try Miss USA, Miss Galaxy, or Miss International.

If you already do community service, try Miss United Nations, or Miss National US.

I can't really put everything I've learned from 2 years of pageants in this, feel free to email me questions at iamsocute2007@yahoo.com.

Also on this date September 14, 2021...