Pet Rock Day 2021 is on Tuesday, September 14, 2021: what were pet rocks?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 is Pet Rock Day 2021. WhiMSy love: Summer Diary: Day 24: Monster Pet Rocks pet rock creations:

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what were pet rocks?

A pet rock can be any rock that you find on the street or store bought and comes in fancy packaging and caring instructions.

People who has pet rock find them very low to no maintainable, cost is low to next to nothing (if you just pick one up from the street, it's free) and for people who doesn't like the responsibility of a real pet. A pet rock need not be fed, bathed, walked, and you do not need to send it to obedience school, will not spray stinky urine, will not become pregnant and contribute to the over population problem, does not need vet care, does not shed, does not drool and will always listen to you without talking back.

And someone actually wrote a manual on how to take care of a pet rock:-

Pet rock can sometimes be very spoiled. They live in high rise condo, have premium hay to lay on, and get scrubbed with lambskin so it will have a great shine.

So, depending on the kind of person you are, your pet rock will reflect the person you are as well. If you are neat and tidy, your pet rock will always have a neat and tidy home, if you love clutter, you pet rock might sometimes go hiding and you won't find him for days until you decided to pick up that old jelly bean under the bed.

You can't really teach a pet rock tricks because they are extremely stubborn (they are hard headed after all) so trainning is always almost impossible.

Hope I answered your question.

how to keep my pet rock happy?

how to keep my pet rock happy?

Pet rocks need a lot more attention than dogs and cats, its important to take good care of them so that they don't get weak and soft. First, make sure you are housing it in the proper sized aquarium, usually a 10 gallon tank does well for your average sized 4 inch wide rock. Then, fill the aquarium with dry clean sand, about 2-3 inches worth, making sure the color of the sand coordinates with the color of the rock. Put a few clean shells here and there, and be sure there is a little house with a wide enough door so your rock can hide in there if it needs some privacy. The sand must be checked at least once a day and any dirty areas scooped out, rocks like to have a clean environment. When you feed your rock, be sure to use a very low or flat dish, rocks don't eat well from deeper dishes. And rocks don't drink from bowls, you have to use a proper sized water bottle with the nipple low enough for the rock to reach. Proper temperature and lighting is important too. A dark rock is a sad rock. Take the rock out and play with it at least two 1/2 hour periods a day, and gently groom it with a piece of moist cotton every other day to keep its surface clean. If you follow all these rules, I promise your rock will give you many many hours of enjoyment for the next 50 years.

how to care for a pet rock?

how to care for a pet rock?

A pet rock needs to be rocked and pet every day. Being it's a fossil, it will be fragile, so be very gentle when handling it. You don't have to feed him, but he will need at least 2 hours of sunshine everyday. He may get cold but they are pretty hardy so they hardly ever get ill. They do pick up fungi, so make sure you keep him clean. They collect moss if they aren't rolled every now and then. The happiest pet rock is a loved pet rock. Make sure he knows you love him. Keep him in your pocket next to your heart so he can hear your heartbeat. Play a lot of rock music for him too, they really love that. You can tell they are enjoying it when they start rocking to the beat. Pet rocks are solid pets! They keep you in touch with nature and they keep you grounded.

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