Eat a Hoagie Day 2021 is on Tuesday, September 14, 2021: Curious if I ate alright today?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 is Eat a Hoagie Day 2021. National Eat A Hoagie Day Today is National Eat a Hoagie

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Eat a Hoagie Day

We’re all acquainted with the sub sandwich or ‘Hoagie‘, and Eat a Hoagie Day is definitely an excuse to savor a mouth-watering, giant sandwich packed with your favourites.

Curious if I ate alright today..?

Yes,you ate just fine.Just make sure you get the recommended amount of each food group. :]

P.S. The mountain dew sip and the fig newton is not that big of deal.You can afford a treat once in a while,especially since you ate really good all day.Just brush it off! :]

Ever eat a plain cheese hoagie?

Ever eat a plain cheese hoagie?

Technically it was a cheese grinder because the cheese was melted and the bun was toasted in a pizza oven- good stuff. Brings back great memories of working in a pizza shop in Philly back in the day...

how to eat in the sims 2?

how to eat in the sims 2?

for the first day or two you won't get a paper that has the jobs, so try to scavenge some from others if they drop it or search the couch and find the hoagie

Also on this date September 14, 2021...