International Strategic Planning Month on October, 2022: KP cant play international T20s as wellHow will this effect England in T20 WC?

October, 2022 is International Strategic Planning Month 2022.

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KP cant play international T20s as well..How will this effect England in T20 WC?

KP was forced to retire from T20s. Actually he had announced his retirement from ODIs only but as per the so called rules of the ECB, he was automatically forced to retire from the T20s by the ECB. It is a big blow for the T20 WC campaign for England with only four months remaining for the tournament. Remember, KP was the Man of the Tournament in when England won in the Caribbean in 2010. And he was in superb form in the IPL too. I fail to understand why ECB and KP couldn't come into an agreement. ECB should of let him play the T20s. OK. That may break the rules and the other players may also follow the suit but then why is Strauss in the ODI team? What about Lumb who plays T20 but not ODI? What about Trott and Cook who play ODIs but not T20s? OK. It can be argued that they have not taken retirement but Strauss has not played a single T20 (not even a domestic one) since 2009 (unannounced retirement) but is a regular in the ODIs. Something fishy. Gayle incident to be repeated.

how do you apply as immigrant under the Strategic Occupation or Provincial Nominee Program?

how do you apply as immigrant under the Strategic Occupation or Provincial Nominee Program?

You would face a lot of problems and barriers as it is now. Canada already has nearly one million applicants ahead of you and, sorry, but I don't think purser is a trade/occupation/profession that is in high demand here. I suspect the same is true for Australia.

Applying to immigrate to Canada isn't like filling in a form for summer camp; it is a long, drawn out and expensive process. You will have had your baby long before anyone even gets to your file. Yours would be one of about 975,000 other applications and as we only accept about 250,000 qualified applicants each year, you having worked in the hospitality industry won't count for much. Sorry but that's the way it is here.

I am an IT engineer ,interested in doing MBA from UK

I am an IT engineer ,interested in doing MBA from UK.Can anyone tell me which are the top5 universities in UK?

Top 5 universities in the UK according to 4 International Colleges & Universities, ranked by web popularity

1 University of Cambridge

2 University of Oxford

3 University of Manchester

4 University College London

5 The University of Edinburgh

The complete list of UK university rankings is available at the link given below

If you are looking at a MBA programme, you might want to consider looking at specific B-school ratings in the UK. Different B-schools have varying requirements. You should first look at which field you would like to specialise in, eg. Strategic Management, then narrow your search down to those B-schools that offer MBA in Strategic Management, and then look at their admission requirements and select the B-school that you want to go to; based on overall ranking, infrastructure, faculty, student facilities etc.

Work experience alone will not qualify you for admission to a B-school. Some B-schools in the UK insist on a minimum GPA / marks percentage obtained during graduation, in addition to a minimum IELTS score to indicate proficiency in English.

In case you re interested, the MBA programme of University of Wales is offered in India by TASMAC

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