Bullying Prevention Month on October, 2022: How can i make a change in my community?

October, 2022 is Bullying Prevention Month 2022.

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How can i make a change in my community?

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Here's a guide with suggestions and links that can take as little as 15 minutes to help make a difference.

The best way to make a change in the community is begin within yourself and the world immediately around you. This is especially true of bullying which is far too common in our culture.

The first step is better understanding. The second is to be the example of how to live well.

Model behaviors such as empathy, self esteem & healthy boundaries, stress management and anger management.

Learn what's going on nationally. What resources and organizations are out there.

If you need volunteer hours consider reading books to children at homeless shelters. Most shelters require mothers to attend meetings and/or classes. Reading to the children while mom is away shows them that they matter and helps them feel less isolated from the world at large. list local volunteer opportunites.

Sexual abuse is a form of bullying. I support whic a law requires the education of elementary children. Many of us emailed our senators in my state and now the law will be introduced here next year.

Thanks for this great question!

What is a good book about bullying?

What is a good book about bullying?

1. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

2. Shadows in the mirror by Cameron Nunn

3.Home of the Braves by David Klaas.

4. Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers.

Can you do anything about workplace bullying and slander?

Can you do anything about workplace bullying and slander?

Not sure where you're from but if you're in Vic definitely check out

If not you should check out your states safe work authorities site for more info.

In Vic there has been a bit of recent media coverage on bullying in the workplace, as a few years ago a young waitress was bullied and took her own life as a result. I'm fairly certain that after this case more laws relating to bullying in the workplace were enacted and it is taken very seriously; in fact there were recent cases of payouts being made.

At the end of the day, it is up to your employer to provide you with a safe work environment and thus take action on bullying. It seems like your employer has taken steps to investigate the claims, but what action was taken over the sales staff causing trouble? Does your workplace have a code of conduct and what is their stance on bullying & harassment? It might be worth talking to your HR rep about it this and working out a solution. In the meantime be strong and don't let those immature sales punks push you around, once they realise you're not going to cave in they should get over it... or hopefully get fired ;) Let your work speak for itself and you should be fine.

If you do opt for medication/counselling to deal with the stress, you may be able to claim it on WorkCover or your workplace might pay for it. I think you would have to report it to HR, but I would consider how well they keep confidential info private (so as not to give the bullies more ammo) and whether you really need to make the claim as they can increase the business' insurance premiums and your workplace might not like that and look for ways to get rid of you (wrong, I know, but it's reality)

If you believe your workplace has failed in its duty of care you may be able to take legal action; though this should be an absolute last measure as I believe it can harm your future employment prospects.

As for the slander, unless it is significantly affecting your work performance or prospects, it probably won't be worth pursuing as it will cost a ton in legal fees.

Best of luck!

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