International Mens Day 2024 is on Tuesday, November 19, 2024: whens international mens day?

Tuesday, November 19, 2024 is International Mens Day 2024.

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International Mens Day

Males's Day is created to market the good duty and contribution of men in culture; in addition to promoting recognition for and factor to consider of men's health, and their equality and standing within an altering culture.

whens international mens day?

Today happy mens day. I almost forgot my wife better have got me something.

When is international mens day?

When is international mens day?

Nov. 19th.

Many Feminists have expressed concern about the need for a men's day. Australian Feminist, Michael Flood, for example, says that “International Men's Day” is at best misguided and political naïve, and at worst hostile and anti- feminist ."

And then they think they have the integrity to talk about "equal rights". LOL!

Can we have an "International Mens’ Day"?

Can we have an "International Mens' Day"?

Since you are also an American citizen, you must remember the historic "Million Man March" ? If they can organize a march, OF COURSE, you can have your happy little "International Men's Day". Are you happy now ? Give us a big grin.....

Also on this date Tuesday, November 19, 2024...