Equal Opportunity Day 2023 is on Sunday, November 19, 2023: In these days of equal opportunity shouldn't Lady's be sirs and sirs be Lady's when offered a Royal

Sunday, November 19, 2023 is Equal Opportunity Day 2023. Dr. George J. Brown to be honored at the Urban League's Equal ... Equal Opportunity Day

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In these days of equal opportunity shouldn’t Lady’s be sirs and sirs be Lady’s when offered a Royal

In these days of equal opportunity, Sirs maybe ought to be Ladies...and Ladies maybe ought to be Sirs....but, since we are speaking of equal opportunity and everyone being equal....maybe the real answer is to do away with Royal Dubbing altogether.

Maybe all the Sir and Dame dubbing ought to be replaced with a system more like the Nobel Peace Prize...you do something wonderful for the nation and you not only get a prize but also CASH!

Cash would probably be a greater incentive for people to do great things for the nation than have a smack on the shoulder with a sword.

Of course, if they want a smack on the shoulder with a sword wielded by a member of the royal family to make the occasion special to them....heck, they can get a smack for all I care.....just need to ditch that Dame and Sir stuff.,,,IF we are speaking of equal opportunities and equal treatment for everyone.

Do you believe that equal opportunity exists in America?

Do you believe that equal opportunity exists in America?

for the person that answered first affirmative action is not about race, it is about minority status, white women have benefitted from AA the most but people have turned AA into a racial matter......

BACK to your question, i believe that things have improved greatly since the days of segregation, there is definetely more opportunity now than there was a few years ago, civil rights legislation and AA have prevented the majority from keeping the minorities completely out of the system, although prejudice and racism still exist the situation now has improved enough for most minorities to create their own micro economy and self reliance thus reducing the power of the majority over them....to say that there is 100% equal opportunity would be a little far fetched considering the fact that whites out number most minorities drastically in every significant aspect of the economy and law enforcement and due to the existence of stereotypes and bigotry the average black person or minority is always aware of his or her minority status and has to work twice as hard just to prove himself or herself and break the preconceived notions that are attached to their race....hopefully in time the situation will improve.

P.S to the person who said "minorities have an advantage" yeah right....if we have an dvantage then i am yet to see mine!

In these days of equal opportunity, can a man become a nun?

In these days of equal opportunity, can a man become a nun?

The male equivalent of a nun is a monk. Equal opportunity has little to do with the matter we are all equal regardless.

Also on this date Sunday, November 19, 2023...
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