Geographic Information Systems Day 2023 is on Sunday, November 19, 2023: How is the modern day map made?

Sunday, November 19, 2023 is Geographic Information Systems Day 2023. MS-GIST News in Geographic Information

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How is the modern day map made?

Many modern day maps are made using GIS (Geographic Information Systems). GIS is a tool that uses layers of spatial information to build maps and create models. For instance, you could have one layer for county boundaries, one layer for roads, another for water resources, etc. The list is endless and you can use different combinations of these layers and eventually evaluative tools to show spatial relationships. It just takes someone to create a layer (often using GPS) and then it can be used by many people for their mapping needs. Many governments are now producing GIS layers for public use and there are also companies that sell it for a price. Here is a blog with links to lots of free GIS data though you will need special software to manipulate the information.

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Is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) a good degree?

Is Geographic Information Systems (GIS) a good degree?

It is worth it.

The pay is decent enough ($40,000 starting up to $85,000 after experience and good promotions. Average is around $60,000) and there is real demand for GIS specialists, which is something not a lot of industries can say these days.

Are there a lot of jobs in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing?

Are there a lot of jobs in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing?

From what I've seen (I'm doing post-graduate in geology) there are, though you'd be best to search some job websites, particularly geology/geography specific ones. My understanding is that GIS is really highly-valued in the work-force, so a GIS course as a part of your degree is a really good thing for the C.V. Jobs will provide you with training for what they want, but a knowledge of GIS is certainly an advantage even for jobs which aren't specifically GIS-based, e.g. mining jobs and the like. I've never done it though, save a brief 2-day workshop.

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