Heal the Children Month on May, 2024: Verbal Speech On Child Abuse?

May, 2024 is Heal the Children Month 2024. Trinity University Healing the Children

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Verbal Speech On Child Abuse?

It's really good. There's just a couple grammar mistakes. I'll correct it for you and reword a couple sentences. Here:

According to the "CWO", Child Welfare Organization, about 5 children die everyday as a result of child abuse. Child abuse can occur four different ways. The child could experience physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. For example, a woman named Tracey Hermann's 5-month old baby experienced neglect. The baby, weighing only 10 pounds, was dropped off at his house on February 4, 2008 in his car seat. As the days went by, he remained there, unnoticed. Finally, eight days after being left in the car, police discovered the baby in the same position he'd been in for days. In cases like this, reporting the matter can be vital and could potentially save lives. That's why I'm here today, to discuss why reporting child abuse is important.


Furthermore, there are also different aspects of the types of child abuse. Physical abuse is the infliction of physical injury. This type of abuse can include shaking, burning, punching, beating, and kicking the victim. Neglect is the failure to provide for a child's basic needs. Examples of neglect include the allowance of truancy, a child being left alone, and the refusal or delay of a child's health-care. Sexual abuse is inappropriate physical actions toward a child. Inappropriate fondling, as well as rape, are actions of sexual abuse. Emotional abuse can be verbal, mental, and psychological. These are the actions behind harmful child abuse.

There are also signs of abuse that are apparent and visible. Bruising, whelts (in different stages of healing), and a child acting with anger, fear, and anxiety are signs of physical abuse. In addition, a child that has been or is being physically abused will avoid social interaction. Signs of neglect could include filthy clothing, inappropriate clothing for the weather, bad hygiene, and untreated illnesses. The signs that point out sexual abuse could be trouble walking or sitting, negative reaction to adults, and STD or pregnancy before the age of 14. Emotional abuse results in extremes in behavior, random changes in mood, and excessive crying.

With these things in mind, you now know the facts of child abuse. If you know of a child that is experiencing child abuse, it's important that it's reported. You must tell a teacher, counselor, or parent before it's too late. If you believe that the child is in immediate danger call 911. Not only is the child in risk because of their abuser, but they are also at risk for committing suicide. If no one knows, the child cannot be helped.


Put yourself in an abused child's shoes. Think about being beaten, neglected, raped, or verbally abused. It is extremely important that you report any child abuse you think or know is happening. Be the change, don't just look away.


i had a c-section 4 months ago and am pregnant again?

i had a c-section 4 months ago and am pregnant again?

Your body should be healed from the first c-section, I had both my children c-section they were 20 months apart and I had no problem, take very good care of yourself and your unborn child, ask the doctor what his/her thoughts are about the pregnancy and risk they would be the best resource and would be able to answer any and all questions you have but my thought is if you are healthy and the c-section is healed then you should have no problems. My boyfriends daughter just had her second child 10 days after the 1st birthday of her first child she is doing great and had no problems each person is different so the best advice is talk to your doctor.

How long do it take a tear to heal with no stitches?

How long do it take a tear to heal with no stitches?

It will take 2 months for a tear to heal, with no stitches...

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