Golf Month on August, 2024: High school golf info?

August, 2024 is Golf Month 2024.

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Golf Month

The sun is out, and also the grass is eco-friendly – celebrate Golf Month by escaping . around the course!

High school golf info?

When I played in high school golf (in Maryland) there was only a Varsity team, but we had like 10 players and usually 5 played 9 hole stroke play and took the 4 lowest scores. Then we had usually 1 or 2 alternates who would sometimes play just for experience but their scores didn't count. I don't know your golf game but to me the 5 most important things to get your scores down quickly are:

1. Find a club you can hit constantly off the tee that can get you at least 200 yards and in the fairway so you can keep the ball in play. Penalty strokes are ground killers!

2. Have a go to shot shape draw or fade doesn't really matter, but something you can play and can count on with your irons so you can have a strategy on playing holes.

3. Learn to hit a knock-down, something low and running that you can trust on a bad day and into the wind. Put the ball back in your stance, pull a longer club and choke up, finish low.

4. Be a shot maker (something harder) learn how to hit a ball left or right like Bubba Watson. You have no idea the advantages of knowing you can hit a ball to left and right pin locations.

5. SHORT GAME (the hardest part) i.e. bunker play, pitches, mid range wedges (30-100yds), chipping, putting from fringe.. a good tip is if you can put from a lie around the green THEN PUTT IT!

You don't have much time to get good, but if you take some lessons form a local PGA CERTIFIED pro there is no doubt in my mind that you can get down into the low 80s and maybe high 70s. You just have to make a commitment and stick with it. Most clubs have good affordable rates and sometimes free for juniors.

Its like the nike slogan Just Do It!

Lost my swing after taking a break from golf for a month?

Lost my swing after taking a break from golf for a month?

Hi Howard. The same thing used to happen to me after a long cold winter layoff up here in New England. When I came out in the Spring I used to feel like I've never swung a club in my life!

The good news Howard is there is a simple remedy for this when you simply can't go to the range to keep your golf swing sharp.

Through many trials and errors, I have found the most effective way to keep my golf swing sharply honed during the long winter months is to use a training mechanism that gives me instant feedback when my swing becomes off the rest of the story here===>

How good can I get at golf in 3 months?

How good can I get at golf in 3 months?

My guess is probably not as low as your expectations. But if you end up with a 15-20 handicap by the end of the 3 months, you may consider spending more time playing the game. Scores in the low 80s are possible if you're a natural at golf.

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