American Indian Heritage Month on August, 2024: There's no HISPANIC heritage month?!?

August, 2024 is American Indian Heritage Month 2024. Native American Heritage Month: This Is Indian Country - ICTMN. Native American Heritage

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There’s no HISPANIC heritage month?!?

Some people are dumb

Those were all acknowledged at my school.

We used to pride ourselves on our diversity and we had this big glass thing,and during the history months thwy would be filled with the arts,literature and facts of the culture

it's september,you're right

Heritage/history month?

Heritage/history month?

Hi Lawrence

I assume that you are black based on the direction of this question. Let me say this, we have got to stop worrying about why people have a problem with us. We know that not every black person is a thug, pimp, ho or any of an assortment of criminals that the media chooses to highlight about us exclusively. These are not the images that people have a problem with. It's images of educated, well dressed, family oriented, successful, politically and socially active black people that people who hate us are concerned with.

They look at us and can't not imagine how a people of limited means and insurmountable circumstances could come so far. In many cases achieving more success than them. Don't waste your energy or your time trying to figure these people out. You need to see Black History month as a party, a month long party. Everyone is invited to take part in the celebration and it does cost anyone a dime. Still this is our party celebrating ourselves. Those who don't want to celebrate need not feel obligated to join. However we can't not let them ruin our party.

What legislation is linked to Native American Heritage Day??

What legislation is linked to Native American Heritage Day??

President George Bush declared the first National American Indian Heritage Month(November). His action was based on legislation presented by Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Congressional Delegate Eni Faleomavaega (D-American Samoa). Although the first "American Indian Day" was declared by the State of New York in 1916, a month long recognition of Native Americans was not achieved until 1990. In each of the four previous years, Congress had enacted legislation designating "American Indian Heritage Week." The purpose of National American Indian Heritage Month is to honor and recognize the original peoples of this land. The 1996 proclamation details their contributions to the past and to the future.

A “Pow-Wow, is scheduled in celebration of National American Indian Heritage Month, a month designated by the federal government to recognize intertribal cultures, events, lifeways, designs and achievements of Native American societies.

Also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...