Tomboy Tools Month on August, 2024: I want to be more "girly". Help?

August, 2024 is Tomboy Tools Month 2024. What I Learned at Blissdom - Pretty Handy Girl Tomboy Tools are made to fit

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I want to be more "girly". Help?

Fashion: wear skirts, flower prints are popular in the spring where I live. Also bright colors, and if you are pale: peach looks wonderful and so do most blues, especially with blond hair. Avoid white shirts if you have blond hair, but lighter colors are a must if you have dark hair or skin because those can highlight your tan. Also Niki shorts are the perfect sport shorts for the gym during the summer time! They're my favorite and they're so comfortable, and you can get them in so many different colors.

Makeup: I would start out with a trip to Walgreens to get the nails/nail kit (see below) and some cheap-ish starter makeup. Just get an eyeshadow closest to your natural skin tone, and blend well with your fingers or a brush (a small make-up brush, eco tools is a really good, soft brand and they aren't too expensive (they're at drugstores) for people just starting out). My favorite drugstore mascara is from Sexy Curves, it makes them really long, but thin. You have to decide if you want a thick look, a long look, or a thick and long look with mascara. But be careful if you have contacts. Mascara can ruin good sets of contacts if you're not careful in your application, so apply it slowly. If you want, you can curl your lashes before you put mascara on which takes an eyelash curler. If you are just going into higschool, you could wear more, like foundation or blush, but if I were you I would wear whatever made me feel comfortable.

Nails: I think the nail your talking about are called french tips. Its a really popular type of nail, and you can buy it in the store, but doing it yourself teaches you a bunch of different skills that you'll need for applying makeup (if you wanted to wear makeup this dexterity and working on applying details helps, especially around the eyes). But I would suggest getting a kit at Walgreens or CVS and trying that out. There are a lot of types of kits for those kinds of things, do it yourself ones and glue on ones, so you just have to find what you prefer. Also you can go to pretty much any nail salon and they'll know what a "french manicure" is. They can either make nails and apply them to your fingers, which costs upwards of thirty dollars, or they can paint them onto your natural nails, which you'll want to grow out to make the nail look more polished. The easiest way to grow out a nail is to put a little colored polish on it so you don't bite it or bother it, because it looks pretty just the way it is (and bright colors are wonderful in the spring! Plus you can coordinate with outfits!!)

could my partner be gay?

could my partner be gay?

He could be gay. He could be a transsexual. However, the odds are that he is just a normal, healthy, heterosexual male with a fetish. The vast majority of cross-dressers are heterosexuals.

When he was young and impressionable, he admired females over males. He thought women were better than men. Or, he may have just thought that girls were favored over boys. In any event, he conditioned himself for cross-dressing later in his life.

Things get serious around 11-12 years old when he hits puberty and his hormones are turned on. At that age his gender curiosity turns into sexual stimulation. When he cross-dresses he feels sensations he never knew he had. When he cross-dresses his brain releases dopamine, serotonin and a host of other neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters produce sensations of well-being, pleasure, sexual gratification and self-identity. It affects the reward centers of his brain, instant gratification, and thus it mimics the addiction response. Its just as if his brain is interpreting cross-dressing as actual contact with a female.

Most cross-dressers consider their condition a problem. They are heterosexuals and this stuff makes them feel guilty. They want a girlfriend, and they hope to get married someday. So they limit their cross-dressing and keep it private. That's cool. They are keeping it under control. Remember it mimics the addiction response, so its best to keep this under control.

Okay now the hard part. Technically, he really doesn't love to cross-dress. He loves the sensations from the neurotransmitters and he is just using cross-dressing as the tool to get his brain to release them. And the way the brain works -- if you do the same thing over and over, well, the brain fatigues and releases less neurotransmitters. So he tries harder and harder, to get his levels of neurotransmitters back up, so he takes greater risks. He needs to keep this under control, or it will take control over him.

What do you think of the beginning of my book?

What do you think of the beginning of my book?

I have a critique of someone else's writing that tells you everything I think you should know.

However, since these works of literature are dissimilar I feel the obligation to point out some of what I perceive to be fallacies that are unique to your work.

For starters: when you say "over sized (sic)" this phrase should be hyphenated. That is all the critique of your punctuation I will give, since that is the only mistake necessary to correct. Let us now turn our attention towards an aspect of writing errors known as "Redundancy."

Where you say, "I walked right through the front door and made my way up the stairs to Jill’s room." the adjective "right" that precedes "through" is, to me, a redundant one, and should be omitted for that reason. Also "made my way up" is a phrase I find, in this instance, to be a redundant one, since you've already established that your actor is in the motion of walking, to state which twice is unnecessary.

Turning our attention towards a very effective tool for writer's known as, "Show, don't tell" let us examine this phrase: "Then Jill said something that made my heart fill with joy and happiness."

The terms "joy" and "happiness" are abstract, and are better served in something concrete. To say that someone is happy cheats the reader out of the description of that happiness. For instance, try saying something like, "her heart leapt with joy" or "her face lit up."

Don't get me wrong, freedom of imagination is an important aspect of writing to incorporate into your writing. However, I would suggest only using this aspect when necessary. You give the reader freedom of imagination through generalizing your description. Telling the reader someones happy rather than expressing that someone is happy is only useful if the pace of the story dictates that you must omit all uneasy details and condense the ones you do describe into something general. In this instance, though, I feel that the slower pace at this part of the story permits you to "show" details, rather than condense them into something that is "told."

Despite these few what I perceive as errors, I found your work intriguing, and well written.

Keep writing, and good luck!

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