Psoriasis Awareness Month on August, 2024: Will having scalp psoriasis slow my hair growth?

August, 2024 is Psoriasis Awareness Month 2024. National Psoriasis Foundation- Awareness Month ‹ Everything Girls Love Awareness Month

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Will having scalp psoriasis slow my hair growth?

Are you taking medications, supplements, anti-acne products, birth control pills?

Yeah. They all have effects. Have you seen a doctor, did he tell you the side effects on scalp psoriasis?

I'm not a doctor, but I know about hair growth, hair loss, reasons why that happens, for 5 decades, and I'm also a cancer awareness. My mom, my sister, and my dad, and two of hubby's family all have cancer. I am trying to avoid to be cancer free as much as possible.

do you think a cure can be found for Psoriasis ?

do you think a cure can be found for Psoriasis ?

Honestly, I don't think there will be a cure anytime soon. In order for there to be a real chance at a cure, there has to be more public attention. Why? More people will donate.

I have a different disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) so I know how it feels to have a disease that is overlooked. I'm sure there's a foundation for Psoriasis. Join the foundation and help raise awareness.

Edit: Curator is sort of right, but if there isn't a lot of people supporting research for a cure it will most likely take a lot longer.

People CAN donate towards research. That's the biggest reason why raising awareness for a disease is extremely important.

Eczema? how to get rid of the hideous rash?

Eczema? how to get rid of the hideous rash?


This is a demo video to watch for the eczema cure as seen in Japan. It is not used in Hospitals all over the world yet – but as more people get this water then they will all see that Eczema is curable.

You can try to get free alkaline water - place a wanted add on Place a add to ask for 8.5 PH drinking water, and hope that the person can also make 2.5 PH water. Drinking the alkaline water will help, even if you can not spray the 2.5 PH water on your skin and hair.

I have been helping a friend get rid of his psoriasis’ on his skin, it covers about 2 square feet of his arms and hands.

He has been spraying on 2.5 PH water for about a month now, and it is working. He is also drinking 9.5 PH water. His wife has MS, and is also drinking the 9.5 PH alkaline water, and is doing much better.

Good Luck!

Also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...