What Will Be Your Legacy Month on August, 2024: Is what they say about legacy car audio true?

August, 2024 is What Will Be Your Legacy Month 2024. 2009 » May May is “Leave a Legacy” Month.

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Is what they say about legacy car audio true?

legacy makes great paper weights and door stops. thats what anything legacy makes becomes after about 3 months.

Will "Legacy" be ready for DX’s return?

Will "Legacy" be ready for DX's return?

I think Legacy is ready for DX.. If you have watched Raw this week, Ted DiBiase told the world this,

"It appears we have the reformation of DX. As if that supposed to scare us? Well, Triple H I have an answer to your question last week and that is, We are Ready. We are ready to face DX at SummerSlam in what will amount to be the shortest comeback in WWE history."

While Cody Rhodes continues, "And if you are not down with that we have got 2 words for you.. Too bad."

So, I think the Legacy will have a Game Plan for this match.. And knowing they work well as a Team, it is possible they may upset the DX return with a win.. It is no doubt that Triple H and HBK are Legends but Legacy is the New Generation and may have a slight edge inside the ring, considering their youth...

Also Orton may have some plans for DX, as you said.. We never know.. But I just hope Both Legacy and Orton beat Returning DX and John Cena on their own, because I believe they can.

is purchasing a 2000 Subaru Legacy GT Limited worth it?

is purchasing a 2000 Subaru Legacy GT Limited worth it?

I have a 2001 Legacy gt limited and my dad has a 2001 Legacy Outback. Both sedans. Haven't gave us any troubles. They are good cars, we just got rid of a 92 legacy and didn't have to do anything major to it. They are pretty easy to maintain. They thing is you have to know if that car was taken care of and had its regular maintenance. Also wasn't ran to death buy the owner.

Edit: Also cheap to insure too. Im 19 and for 6 months its $290.

Also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...