Dear Diary Day 2022 is on Thursday, September 22, 2022: write a diary entry about christmas day ! ;))?

Thursday, September 22, 2022 is Dear Diary Day 2022. Never Growing Old: Dear Diary... Dear Diary:

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write a diary entry about christmas day ! ;))?


I am not celebrating Christmas this year. Even if Jesus was the son of god/existed, its common knowledge he was not born on Dec 25th but for some reason people love to pretend he was. Christmas is a joke and a product of consumerism, people are at their most selfish and savage at this time of year. I don’t know how these people do it but they manage to make buying gifts for your family a selfish act, you only care about YOUR family and what YOUR family wants and step on anyone who interferes in your shopping list.

Working retail at an electronics store several years ago really opened my eyes to what this holiday is and I refuse to take part in this stupid, pagan, hypocritical bullshit holiday.

Talk to you tomorrow….

Hamster diary ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Hamster diary ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Dear Diary,

today was a great day! I had a lot of fun with my pet human. When she took me out of my cage this morning I sat in her lap and allowed her to stroke me (she loves it when I let her do that!) We watched a lot of cartoons together. I let her hold the remote while we both nibbled on popcorn. Sometimes my pet would drop a piece and I'd have to pick it up for her!

After sitting around like a couch potato for several hours, I instructed my human to put me back in my cage so I could begin my daily exercise routine. I ran on my wheel for a while. As I ran I couldn't help but think, "how come I run and run and run every day on this thing, and NEVER seem to get anywhere?" After my morning jog I was so thirsty! I drank tons of water out of my water bottle. Then I looked for some new things to chew on. Hey, look at that- a tasty wooden block! Yum!

Now I must lure my pet human back over my cage so she can serve me treats. I call her, "here human! Good human! Good girl!!" At first she doesn't pay any attention. How frustrating! Sometimes I think she can't even UNDERSTAND what I'm SAYING to her!! Good thing I can always rely on my adorable good looks to draw her in. I widen my eyes and give her the "I'm cute, love me!" look. Pet sees the "cute" look right away and comes running to me with a huge bag of yogurt drops. She gives me a whole pile of them. I stash most of them in my house so I can eat them later on today. *yawn* Now it's time for a nap.

Best wishes, Diary.


- Hammy <3

Alternatives to ’Dear Diary’?

Alternatives to 'Dear Diary'?

name the diary...(kinda weird)

dearest diary

to my diary


to my journal

here's another day diary

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