American Business Women's Day 2024 is on Sunday, September 22, 2024: Why is women's history important in America?

Sunday, September 22, 2024 is American Business Women's Day 2024.

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Why is women’s history important in America?

Becuase women contributed to the building of American society. Colonial women spun and wove the cloth, made the clothing, brewed the beer which most people drank, milked the cows, made butter and cheese, preserved food for winter. They cared for the children, and in many cases gave them their first lessons. Childbirth was an exclusively female affair in those days, and midwives delivered the babies. Women passed on their skills to their daughters. Women were very often left in charge of farms and businesses while their husbands were away, and women often ran businesses after their husbands died.

Women made vital contributions during the Civil War, they worked as nurses, they delivered food and medicines to the battlefield, they took over jobs vacated by men. Women in the south were often left to run farms while their husbands were away.

Women who went west kept their homes going, and did much the same sort of things that colonial women had done. The west would hardly have been settled without the efforts of women.

Does anyone know the name of a women’s clothing supplier?

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white women from 1783-1788? American History question?

white women from 1783-1788? American History question?

Women's most important role was considered to be as wives and mothers, and that could be a very demanding one in those days. Women who lived in the country (who would have made up the majority at this time) would for instance look after the poultry and the dairy, do the milking, make butter and cheese, brew beer, preserve food for winter (very important in the days before refrigeration), they might make their own soap and candles too. Town wives would buy more things ready made rather than making them at home, but still some things would be home made. Both town and country wives were likely to make their own and their families clothing, though better off people might go to a dressmaker. Many wives looked after farms or businesses while their husbands were away. For instance, Deborah Read Franklin looked after all of Benjamin Franklin's numerous business interests while he was away.

Working women engaged in various trades, making and mending clothing was a common female occupation, as was millinery (making hats). Women kept inns and cookshops, and some worked as printers. Some women were midwives, or nurses. There were some women teachers. Many women worked as servants. Widows often ran businesses after their husbands died. Betsy Ross for instance ran a successful upholstery business for 50 years after her husband's death. There were some more unusual occupations followed by women. Leech gatherers, for instance (leeches were used by doctors a lot).

Married women had very limited rights, a wife's husband was considered to belong to her husband,and she was assumed to be under her husband's authority. There could be certain advantages to this, a married woman was not responsible for her own debts for instance, her husband was, and if she was her husband's accomplice in a crime she would not be punished because she would be deemed to have acted under her husband's orders.

Most women probably did not consider the possibility of having the vote, but a few women did express discontent with the lot of women, like Abigail Adams did for instance. But in general most people accepted the way things were. Politics generally was regarded as male business.

Attitudes towards slavery varied, there would have been likely to be more support for it among white southern women, but I think there was still slavery in the north, though northern states vegan to abolish it after the war, I understand New Jersey was the first. in fact, some women, as well as some black people, had the vote in New Jersey for a while, because all property owners were given the vote, and that included some single women and widows, and some black people too. But the law was changed in the early 1800s, so black people and women were disenfranchised.

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