Cleaning For A Reason Week on April, 2024: How often do you clean a robovorski hamster cage?

Cleaning For A Reason Week 2024.

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How often do you clean a robovorski hamster cage?

It's about the same as any Hamster Cage in general. Usually it's cleaned about once a week. And washed once every 2 weeks and or every other cleaning.

Personally with most Hamster Cage setups every 7 days is to soon I find. So I clean them about every 9-13 days. And I wash the cage at least every other time I clean the cage.

A cage cleaning means changing all the bedding and nesting material and washing some toys or objects if they need it.

A cage washing is changing the bedding etc... and than washing the cage itself and the objects inside the cage unless they seem very clean. But every couple washings you should clean absolutely everything.

Now how often you clean or wash your cage in my opinion should depend on the size of the cage, how much bedding you use and how many Hamsters you have. Only some types of Hamsters can be caged together. But if you have a rather large cage! Over 450+ square inches of floor space... with one hamster. Than you can probably clean the cage once every 10-14 days. If it's smaller or you have more hamsters I would not go past 10 days tops.

Of course you can feel free to clean it a little more often, or wash it every time you clean it. Sometimes you may find it needs to be cleaned sooner. And sometimes it may look really clean and you can put it off for a day or two longer. But don't go to long.

Finally, you can also spot clean the cage. By removing really dirty areas like where the Hamster mainly goes to the bathroom and replacing just that tiny section. You would want to do this a couple times between cleanings like every 2-5 days. But you could do it daily as well. Most of my Hamsters either go to the bathroom all over or do it in there nest! So... I don't really spot clean and I don't really see a purpose for it in most occasions.

But the most often I would recommended cleaning is every 7 days unless for some reason you really feel like the cage should be cleaned. And the least often for virtually any cage size would be maybe 16-17 days. But that would be like a massive cage with tons of bedding. And by massive I would mean a minimum of 750+ square inches but perhaps even larger than that.

Question on keep my house clean. So many dusts on my furniture everyday.?

Question on keep my house clean. So many dusts on my furniture everyday.?

Wondering why you should get rid of dust? Well, there are two reasons: first, some people are allergic to dust mites (house mites) and mites thrive on dust. Second, some people (asthmatics and allergy sufferers) are simply dust sensitive and need to keep their houses free of dust in order to breathe normally. I can identify because I’m dust sensitive myself. In fact, before I did some research on dust collectors, dust removal, and dust control, I used to clean my house with a dust mask on and just pray that I wouldn't get a sinus infection. So for those of you with the same problem, here is what I've done to get rid of dust.

Vacuuming your house with a special filter will get rid of dust. Vacuum regularly those things in your house that are covered with fabric because fabrics tend to collect dust. If you have carpets, keep those vacuumed as often as possible because carpet collects more dust than anything else in your house. Make sure to use a HEPA filter to avoid spreading dust around your home.

Getting rid of your carpets will reduce the amount of dust in your home. As I mentioned above, carpets collect and retain more dust than any other surface in your home, making it almost impossible to reduce dust levels and the number of dust mites in your home. Linoleum, slate, marble, and wood floors with smaller washable rugs are a good substitute. Hard floors are incredibly easier to clean than carpet.

Air filters will help get rid of dust. If you have a central air conditioning system, it might be wise to ask the manufacturer what steps can be taken to reduce the amount of dust circulation. You should also change the air filters in your heating system if you have a forced air system. Just make sure to change your air filters regularly, duh.

Bedding and curtains should be washed regularly if you want to get rid of dust. Beds should be covered with those nylon pee-pee covers to make cleaning easier and to prevent dust mites from infesting the mattress. Sheets, pillows, blankets and curtains should all be washed in water that is no less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting rid of dust is more difficult with pets. Pet dander is a well-known respiratory irritant. So, if you have a pet and you can’t figure out why you can’t breathe well anymore, you may want to put two and two together and put your pet up for adoption. If you’re not willing to split with fluffy, then perhaps you should prepare yourself for more cleaning. Bummer.

Dust Control Products

Often enough it is simply too much work to go around the house once every week with a damp cloth cleaning every surface that might collect dust, which is why companies like Dupont and SC Johnson have created products like Pledge. Pledge, as many people know, has been around for quite some time and has been toted as the #1 solution to a dust control problem. The problem with dust control products like pledge are the chemicals found in them, which can leave behind nasty residues which are potentially harmful to your lungs, your children’s lungs, and your pets.

There are natural dust cleaning and housekeeping products out there, like those found in the natural & organic section of your local grocery store or neighborhood co-op. Examples of such products would be Green Island organic cleaning products, Sun and Earth products, and Citrus Magic cleaning products. Other dust control products can be found online and purchased from online vendors; though we recommend you do a little research before buying anything in mass quantities. There are a number of organic and natural dust removal solutions that are only available online.

How often do you clean your spa filter cartridges?

How often do you clean your spa filter cartridges?

Of course it's wise to clean and maintain them. Not only to add years onto your tub, but for health reasons.

I inspect them a few times a week (less when not used) and clean them when they begin to show signs of discoloration. When the discoloration cannot be removed with the spray of a garden hose (with nozzle Set to jet), it may be time for an overnight soak in a filter clean product. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the filter afterward or you'll wonder why the hot-tub foams and smells like the chemical used to clean it.

I also clean them with a garden hose nozzle (set to "Jet") after every use when I have others in during a get together or after the kids go in.

I have had some of my filters for several years and usually will insert one of my older ones (in good condition) during times when a lot of people are going to be in on a given day, so that my newer ones last longer.

Once the party's over I remove, (clean, dry and store) the older one then re-insert the newer one during regular usage.

I have read that filters should be replaced at minimal every two years because the fibers simply break down and become inefficient, but with a common sense visual inspection and regular cleanings they should last a bit longer.

But, for the price it may be wise to go ahead and replace them at least once per year.

My experience however has shown me that as long as the chemicals are monitored and maintained in their optimal zones, I have less problems with everything including the filters.

Additionally you should change the water regularly. I change mine 3-4 times per year or once per season if only operated during summer/Fall.

My nose tells me when the water is due for a change. if it starts to smell chemically or off (Sour) you're due for a water change. If your nose is not so good at detection then keep in mind that when you notice you have to add what appears too many chemicals to maintain a good balance then it may be time to change that water.

Careful with those chemicals...too little or too much (calcium and chlorine) can deteriorate the filters as well as the jets.

If the jets start popping off and upon inspection you notice they're pitted and broken, it can typically be attributed to failure to maintain a proper chemical balance.

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