Autism Awareness Month on April, 2024: Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month?

April, 2024 is Autism Awareness Month 2024.

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Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month?

Autism-so many people have no concept of how life altering this mysterious illness is. It is not an individual thing-but global. It affects everybody.

It has a ripple effect on a family. The autistic child needs more care, time, support-it wears the parents out and can cause the parents to disagree and it is so unfair for the other children in the family.

I know this because I have an autistic child-so many people take this to mean unco-operative, defiant, and so forth. It is so much more.

Did you know april is autism awareness month ?

Did you know april is autism awareness month ?

YES .. very aware of Autism Awareness Month.

YES ... I am the Long Term Single Parent (FINALLY an Empty-Nesting Single Retiree) who raised HER TWO Children with Disabilities (including a child with Asperger's Syndrome -- High Functioning Autism) ALONE -- only responsible parent, only income.

It was definitely hard -- much harder than anything I could ever imagine -- and my child was very intelligent, creative, and yes, it was SO DIFFICULT to try to explain to others (and deal with the problems of nasty people who just did not understand the symptoms) what Autism Spectrum is.

I DID SACRIFICE everything -- my needs, my desires, anything at all that I was interested in or wanted to do to RAISE my children. I stood up and fought to have my children included in after school and community activities. I took and stood there while ignorant adults SCREAMED various nasty things at me because they did NOT understand. I was the one who rushed through and skipped meals so that I would make sure I could finish my Grocery or other shopping BEFORE I would pick up the children after school/care. I was the ONE who advocated for their special needs at their schools and everywhere else. I was the one who did EVERYTHING -- from Medical Care -- Appointments, etc -- and even had work-arounds in place when something 'happened' to cause the children to have 'difficulties' during the day.

I now CHERISH my ALONENESS -- for I certainly deserve to enjoy that time right now ... it was high time to CARE for the one FORGOTTEN -- ME ----

And that means a bit of pampering, to relax, to de-stress, and to let go (meaning ... that at my age (and I was an older parent when I had them both) I needed to start thinking in terms of the fact that I won't always be there in their lives ... so they needed to learn independent living skills as well).

Why is April Autism Awareness Month?

Why is April Autism Awareness Month?

Probably just the month Congress declared it. What was wild for me is that my eleven year old daughter was diagnosed with autism in April 2001. I read a huge article about autism in our local paper. I didn't even connect it with her, but I did have an assessment scheduled for the next day regarding her delayed speech. Talk about a shocker!

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