World Vegetarian Day 2018 is on Monday, October 1, 2018: slimming world red days for vegetarians?


Monday, October 1, 2018 is World Vegetarian Day 2018.

World Vegetarian Day

Whether it's a moral, nutritional, wellness or way of life selection, Vegetarian Day embraces and encourages respect for those which eschew consuming meat.

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slimming world red days for vegetarians?

you can make hummus with the chickpeas - but cut right back on the amount of olive oil. Chick pea curry is good. Baked beans are yummy. Not all fish is expensive - tins of pilchards don't cost a lot. You can get protein by eating tofu.

You aren't supposed to mix red and green days.

Also your consultant will give you ideas in the next class - they're always helpful.

World Vegetarian Day Suggestions?

World Vegetarian Day Suggestions?

Make your friends try vegetarian foods.

Handout leaflets about vegetarianism.

And tell everyone why you're a vegetarian, and why they should be one, too. :D

Animal Rights Day?

Animal Rights Day?

World vegetarian day is Oct 1. Animal rights is Dec. 10

Also on this date Monday, October 1, 2018...