Fire Pup Day 2018 is on Monday, October 1, 2018: I just got a puppy 2 days ago and it is doing just fine ?


Monday, October 1, 2018 is Fire Pup Day 2018. dalmatian+fire+truck.jpeg October 1, 2012 - Fire Pup Day

I just got a puppy 2 days ago and it is doing just fine ......?

U don't say how OLD Ur pup is: if he's 8 wks, the =longest= he can wait between potty trips is 3 hrs [rule: age in months, plus 1, = hrs betw potty-trips. in the case of 8 wks, that's 2 mos plus 1 = 3 hrs max].

an inexpensive pocket-alarm [abt $12 from RadioCrap] is well-worth the cost, to prevent any wet-spots [to the carpet] & discomfort to the puppy.


He WON't HAVE Sphincter Muscles!! till he's TWELVE Wks old..

=then= he can start 'training', but for now, he's on a schedule... and =every!= 'mistake' is =not his fault=:

it's the fault of the HUMAN who didn't get him outdoors at the right time!


in addition to "every 3 hrs", he needs to toilet

* every time he wakes up

* every time there's an exciting event [visitor, active game, toy-play, dog-play...]

* after every MEAL & every large DRINK


daytime-dry is harder & takes longer; pup's playing, eating, & drinking, all of which stim the bladder/bowel. OVERnite dry is easier & earlier.

take up his water-bowl abt 7 pm, if U go to bed abt 11 or 12; take him out as LATE as U can b4 bed. set Ur alarm for 3 am; have a goody in the pocket of Ur coat, his leash on top of his [shipping] crate, & the crate NEXT TO Ur bed... within easy arm's reach.

if he fusses, reach over & "burp" the crate, just like Ur'd burp a baby: a firm, gentle pat with Ur palm. he'll startle, & hush. SAY SOMETHING SOOTHING - [he's quiet, right!? that's GOOD!] "good puppy!... good-night"... whatever.

if U roll over & sigh, 99 times out of 100 he will, too.

============ '

when the alarm goes off, GET UP. put on Ur jacket, slip on Ur shoes, pick up the leash, open the crate, PICK UP PUP & CARRY HIM. he's gotta go; he won't hold it & toddle behind U, so do NOT put him down till U get to his potty-spot. LEASH him: he needs to learn how to toilet right there, in front of U.

as he's Voiding, =praise= him: 'good puppy!...'

as soon as he gets Up from his squat, GET THAT GOODY TO HIS MOUTH!! more praise... into the house, he goes in the crate, re-set the alarm, leash near to hand, go back to bed.


feed Ur pup inside the crate; it's an easy way to set up good assocaitions, & it keeps him out from underfoot, & the food off the floor, too.


Don't put Ur pup on Ur BED! it's a bad habit, & leads to many behvaioral problems down the road, as well as injuries to pups who jump or fall, or get squashed by sleepers who roll onto them. just like infants, pups can smother under a sleeping human; a crate is safe, & U know EXACTLY where to find them in an emergency.

if there's a fire, flood, tornado, or even a crying sick child, U want to be able to grab the pup, put the leash on, & get the heck out, TOGETHER.

if it's not safe for U, it's NOT SAFE - everybody goes!


persistance & patience are 2 things U need a lot of, to build a calm, confident puppy; just give him time & structure, & start some early training; no reason he can't sit-stay to get his bowl onto the floor, & EVERY reason to start teaching him these early skills!

good luck with Ur baby; "Train, don't complain!" :)

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Of Fire-fighters and Dalmatians?

Of Fire-fighters and Dalmatians?

It all began in the days of stagecoaches. Horse theft was so

common back then that many stagecoach drivers strung a hammock

between two stalls at night, then slept behind their horses to

guard against thieves.

But, if the driver owned a Dalmatian, he could sleep in the house

or the stagecoach hotel. Why? Because it was observed that

Dalmatians formed an amazingly tight bond with horses. When they

became close as with a team, no stranger would dare lay a hand on


Once the knowledge of this trait spread, more coach drivers went

to great lengths to get Dalmatians to watch their teams. In fact,

this practice became so common that Dalmatians were first called

"coach dogs". They were used by coach drivers centuries ago in

England, Scotland and Wales.

* A friend and protector to firehouse horses that pulled the old fire rigs. The horses cared about the dogs too. Sometimes a mommie dog would have her baby pups in the horses' stall and the horses were very careful not to step on the puppies.

* Leaders who ran in front of the fire rig to clear a path for the horses. Other dogs running loose would chase and nip at the horse’s legs, just like some dogs chase cars and bite the tires today. The fire dogs would chase off these dogs as the horses ran to the fire.

* Guard dogs who defended the equipment and horses against being stolen. The fire dogs were loyal and would challenge any stranger that entered the firehouse.

Dogs and horses lost their jobs: In the 1920’s fire departments changed from horse drawn fire wagons to fire engines with a motor, like today. But this meant there was no more work for the horses that pulled the fire rigs or the dogs who cleared the path for the horses.

New jobs for the dogs: today fire dogs are on duty in some fire stations as watch dogs, as station mascots, and as a buddy for the firefighters.

are my hamsters pups still alive?

are my hamsters pups still alive?

Oo. The fire alarm may have disturbed the mother greatly, and hse may have killed one or more of the hamster pups, thus being depressed, and having maybe only one left. I would say, don't disturb her any more, and give it a fewdays. If you still havnt seen any other pups than the one you see her carrying around, then Id say she killed/ate the others. Wait till the pup has fur or is weend from the mother till you look to see if there really was any babies left.

Hope I helped

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