National Walk Your Dog Day 2018 is on Monday, October 1, 2018: Happy National Dog day DS,questions enclosed?


Monday, October 1, 2018 is National Walk Your Dog Day 2018. January is Walk Your Dog Month! – Wateree Animal Hospital walking your dog every day

Happy National Dog day DS,questions enclosed?

Based on my Cattle Dog:

1) Rap

2) A Cattle Dog

3) When my Cattle Dog pushes her nose under the horse ball, flips it in the air, and rolls it down her back to change direction at full speed.

4) Definitely soccer!

5) The most interesting was a brindle Mastiif sprayed in glitter pink vegetable dye, and sporting pink ribbons on each foot, along with a neck ruff of pink netting-all to celebrate breast cancer survivors.

The weirdest, a pug dressed as a spider, whose legs were long and bent just right. If you didn't look close, you would think it was a spider from a B horror flick. When the Pug walked, the legs wobbled so it looked like they were walking. Pretty creepy.

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Are you celebrating with your dog National Walk Your Dog Week? Have you take any walks yet?

Are you celebrating with your dog National Walk Your Dog Week? Have you take any walks yet?

I had no idea it was National Walk Your Dog Day, but really folks should walk their dogs EVERY day! My pugs and I take a five mile hike in the redwood forest by our house every day. They love it and it helps keep all of us in shape.

valium for separation anxiey in dogs?

valium for separation anxiey in dogs?

Check out the dog whisperer on National Geographic; - it is an easy , quick fix on your vet's part to sedate the dog; is that really helping your dog in the long run, or lining his pockets with money with each and every refill. You should want to ease this anxiety and that can come with training; I am not sure how your pet is acting during this time, but with brief intervals and returns , repetitive over and over can ease your dog's anxiety and stress; stimulation toys , treat balls, challenges and rotating the items can distract for a time; also, exercise so a tired dog is a less anxious dog; the dog whisperer has the owner take the dog on long walks with a dog back pack carrying bottle water to give the dog a sense of a job while walking and carrying the bag; can you have someone come and let the dog out during the day; with consistent training and some of these other techniques you can ease anxiety; if you aren't getting the answers from this vet, perhaps you can find one you assists more than pushing pills; your vet's goal in treatment should be to alleviate your dog's stress not simply medication.

If a dog (including boxers and I have 2 and raised several litters) are tearing everything up - they need stimulation and good exercise. Good Luck!

P.S. to the boxer owner , boxers are so very smart as demonstrated; exercise them ; they are a muscular animal and need to be able to run run run like crazy; if you don't have a fenced in yard , take them to a tennis court at a local school , close the gate and let them burn burn burn off steam. Boxers are social animals and need to be a part of a family and like to be included in everything

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