CD Player Day 2019 is on Tuesday, October 1, 2019: Problems w 04 Ford Explorer CD player!?


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CD Player Day

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Problems w/ 04 Ford Explorer CD player!?

The Ford multi-cd players are the worst for this problem. Our 2003 Cobra does the same thing. Sometimes it just needs to cool off and then it will eject. If it's been a few days and it still won't come out, you should probably go see a professional at a car audio store, and let them get it out for you. You don't want to risk damaging the cd player, if it's not already. Also, you might want to look into getting an aftermarket head unit/cd won't have any problems with one of them.

Help with CD player?

Help with CD player?

It depends whether this is a removable face CD player or not. If so, you should try to remove the faceplate and clean the gold electrical contacts on both the face and body of the radio. The easiest way to do this is use alcohol and a cotton swab. Wipe away any visible dirt from both and see if that helps.

If it is not a removable face or the above does not work you will either need to have the player serviced or replaced. There is a good chance it is just a cold solder joint which would be an easy repair, but that's no guarantee that a service center would repair it inexpensively.

You should make some calls to some local car audio shops to get an idea of repair and replacement costs. Some shops will give you a flat fee on repair no matter what the difficulty of the repair.

Best of luck.

CD player often will not recognise that a CD has been inserted?

CD player often will not recognise that a CD has been inserted?

what a crap cd player. lol. if theres dust on the cd detector (inside where you insert it) give it a gentle wipe but with WATER ONLY. anything else can damage the sensitive lasers. due to the age though im guessing that the old machine's time has come - might be time to upgrade. good luck :-)

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