National Book It! Day 2019 is on Tuesday, October 1, 2019: Are trains difficult to book around the Chinese National Day (Oct. 1)?


Tuesday, October 1, 2019 is National Book It! Day 2019.

Are trains difficult to book around the Chinese National Day (Oct. 1)?

You can book tickets up to 10 days in advance. I think around the holiday it is harder to get tickets as everyone is travelling. Guilin will be very busy at that time as well (and probably more expensive). As you are crossing from Vietnam consider hanging around Yunnan for awhile. Not sure how long the ride is, but if you are willing to stand it should also be ok to book the ticket.

Plane tickets are also more expensive during this time. And not always easy too book. The first will be the hardest time to get tickets. The 3,4,5 is in the middle of the holiday and getting tickets for those days may be easier. If there is someone you know who can book the ticket for you it will help. Or see if the hotel can do it for you.

Pay more attention to your belongings at this time as there are more thieves around the trainstation because of the increased activity.

I too experienced Nanjing Road during the October holiday. That was one thing I thought to never repeat. Then a friend visited over Chinese New Year and I though, hey I will take her to the Bund. The view of the bund was not so great, but my friend quickly grasped what is a billion people.

National __________ Day?

National __________ Day?

no but i have around 30 random national dates in a book. if you want a specific date, feel free to shoot me a message or something

National Thriller Day?

National Thriller Day?

Believe it or not I know exactly what your talking about! I learned the basic thriller dance through the "National Thriller Day". It is called Thrill the World and it is for the Guiness Book of World Records. Check it out at

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