World Kidney Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 13, 2019: Anybody ever have kidney stones?


Wednesday, March 13, 2019 is World Kidney Day 2019.

World Kidney Day

Produced in the year 2006 like a joint initiative between your Worldwide Society of Nephrology and also the Worldwide Federation of Kidney Fundamentals, World Kidney Day was created like a health awareness campaign. At the moment, the date is noticed in near to 100 nations all over the world.World Kidney Day aims to boost understanding of kidney-related illnesses as well as the general need for our renal system to the health. Additionally, it attempts to highlight preventative measures, so that they can lessen the frequency and impact of kidney disease and related health issues, on the global scale.If it's detected early on, Chronic Kidney Disease is curable. However, CKD has become progressively prevalent all over the world. Additionally to educating the general public, World Kidney Day is made to train or help remind doctors from the natural part they are able to play in discovering problems and aims to inspire more systematic screening of patients with diabetes.

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Anybody ever have kidney stones?

You should have a million answers to this question as kidney stones seem to abound these days. I had one but that was 32 years ago. I have never felt pain as I did with that monster. It started to move so I had to have surgery to remove it. I was also 8 months pregnant at the time so that just messed things up even more. Needless to say we all made it and I think I might have had a very large stone as they put it in a plastic bag and taped it to the back of the hospital head board. It was the size of a grape. Hope yours were taken care of as I haven't had any problems since.

What constitutes a medical emergency with kidneys?

What constitutes a medical emergency with kidneys?

You poor woman! What is this world coming to?!If I were you, I'd call in EVERY DAY to see if there's been a cancellation with your Dr. OR, I'd get another DR! Hon, your predicament IS an emergency. This is very serious. You need to see the DR. pronto, so you may have some assistance.In the meantime, use hot compresses over pain; front and back and /or hot bathes.Geez, good luck

Men - Do you know today is the International Women’s Day?

Men - Do you know today is the International Women's Day?

I am going to have my girlfriend plow some fields because its also National Agriculture Day. It is also.....

Name Tag Day

National Proof Reading Day

National Peanut Cluster Day

Organize Your Home Office Day

World Kidney Day

International Woman's Day is just as stupid as anything on this list.

Tomorrow is National Middle Name Pride Day, is everyone ready for the celebration?

Also on this date Wednesday, March 13, 2019...