Open An Umbrella Indoors Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 13, 2019: why is it bad to open an umbrella indoors?


Wednesday, March 13, 2019 is Open An Umbrella Indoors Day 2019. March 13) Today we're celebrating . . . National Open An Umbrella ... National Open An Umbrella

Open An Umbrella Indoors Day

Everybody understands that opening an umbrella indoors is expected to be bad luck. But is there any kind of fact behind this age-old fear? Luckily for those spending sleep deprived evenings deliberating this question, there is in fact a crazy vacation committed to learning the truth. The aptly-named Open An Umbrella Indoors Day was designed in 2003 by a guy called Thomas Knibb. Knibb apparently hoped to oppose ridiculous superstitions by encouraging folks to open their umbrellas indoors and note the (non-existent) consequences.

The very best aspect of this strange vacation is that anyone can participate. Simply adhere to these four easy actions:

Action 1: Discover an umbrella and check that you are, undoubtedly, indoors. Action 2: Position yourself clear of breakable objects and/or individuals that value their vision. Step 3: Take a deep breath, comprehend the umbrella take care of strongly with one hand and open the umbrella with your other hand. Action 4: Keep in mind any type of bad luck that takes place in the following days or weeks.

Note: Folks which take part in this holiday doing this at their very own threat.

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why is it bad to open an umbrella indoors?

Supposidly bad luck will rain down on you. I have open my unbrella indoors, such as work, so that it drains off. Never had any bad luck, maybe a bad day, but that was outside my control.

Is it bad luck to open an umbrella indoors?

Is it bad luck to open an umbrella indoors?

nah, one of my friends does it all the time and hes pretty damn lucky, hes nearly died like 5 times in the past few days but he survived miraculously each time

is it bad to stand under an open umbrella indoors?

is it bad to stand under an open umbrella indoors?

I think this material from Yahoo some years ago covers this pretty well: "...People have been considering this innocuous act to be a portent of bad luck for over a century...London is known for its thick fog, of course, but where there's fog there's usually precipitation. The umbrella was a necessary part of life in 18th century London, often replacing the more popular walking stick. The thing about the umbrellas of those days is that they were clunky affairs, make with hard metal spokes and a spring trigger. Merely engaging that spring to open the umbrella could be quite hazardous to hearth and home, and eyeball for that matter. These umbrellas would violently pop open, and the metal spokes were known to injure anyone who might be nearby, or just break any fragile object in its path. Many a disagreement and quarrel erupted over the spring-loaded British umbrellas. Some might well say ill-timed opening of umbrellas during this era resulted in bad luck for many a British gent. One legend surrounding the superstition of bad luck converging after the opening of an umbrella indoors is that it was invented specifically to cut down on the number of accidents and incidents that sprang from the umbrella mechanics of the day. By spreading the idea that opening an umbrella indoors brought bad luck, the intention might have been to severely curtail the number of unfortunate cases. Another idea is that the superstition just naturally sprang up as a result of the fact that so many Londoners experienced the bad luck of losing valuable knicknacks as a result of being gored with one of the metal spokes. Whatever the true origin of the superstition, most folklorists agree that the contemporary superstition does spring from the spring-loaded umbrella of Victorian England."

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