Earmuffs Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 13, 2019: Which construction-style earmuff is better?


Wednesday, March 13, 2019 is Earmuffs Day 2019.

Earmuffs Day

Protect your ears from loud noises and protect them from the chilly on Earmuffs Day!

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Which construction-style earmuff is better?

There are a number of very good earmuff-style ear protection available. Always choose the product with the highest NRR you can find. Whenever I go shooting a .22RF I will use either the foam in-cannal protection or my muffs. It depends on the outside air temperature, got to be comfy. Using anything above a .223/5.56 I always wear both the plugs and hardshell protection. I'm getting older and I love hearing my grandchildren giggle and laugh while playing :) . I really like music too, it's on about 10 hours a day. I will do all I can to preserve my hearing. You, too!

I can still hear with earmuffs on, is it suppsosed to be this way?

I can still hear with earmuffs on, is it suppsosed to be this way?

You probably have a set of baffled earmuffs. They have a special membrane inside that is very reactive to loud noises. It stays in the "open" position until a loud noise puts enough pressure on it to close. I have a pair of shooting earplugs that do the exact same thing. The idea is to be able to wear them all day, without causing any problems hearing, but they still protect you from sounds coming in above a certain decibel level.

Do you wear earmuffs?

Do you wear earmuffs?

I would not be able to survive the winds and cold in the northeast without my earmuffs.

I love them.

I got some from Burbery-they come in every color for like 140 ish.

You can find really good quality Rabbit faux fur ones (about $50) at Saks.

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