K-9 Veterans Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 13, 2019: 9 Veterans Day - Well


Wednesday, March 13, 2019 is K-9 Veterans Day 2019. K9 VETERANS DAY TO HONOR SERVICE DOGS K9 VETERANS DAY TO HONOR


My friend K-9,

What in the world remains that you do like.

First its the US Military you Hate.

Then Its the Black People you Hate.

Now it seems to be the turn of the Gay community.

Tsk Tsk.

OH i just remembered You do admire the Insurgents in Iraq, and come to think of it, there has not been anything bad from you on the Muslim front Either.

On your question, Why would they not be Entitled, In to-days world i would guess they would be.

Back then the world was not as open about things.

So anyhow nice to know you can be so Versatile in your opinions of not liking people.

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I need to find a place to get married around Lincoln NE?

I need to find a place to get married around Lincoln NE?

Here is a list of parks in the Lincoln area:

Antelope Park and Sunken Gardens

23rd and N to 33rd and Sheridan Blvd.

Antelope Park is a particularly beautiful park offering extensive facilities, including Rose Gardens, Sunken Gardens, fountains, statues, Lincoln Children's Zoo, a recreation center, a golf course, trails system, tennis courts, swimming pool and several playground areas and is accessible for all children. This park appears to be several parks as it is bisected by many streets.

Sunken Gardens, at South 27th Street and Capitol Parkway, is a beautiful terraced garden featuring thousands of annuals, reflecting ponds, waterfall, paved pathways with donated engraved concrete pavers that memorialize special people and events, restrooms and an ornate gazebo. The gardens are ADA accessible.

Veterans Memorial Garden, located east of Auld Recreation Center at 1650 Memorial Drive, has more than 15 memorials and over 3,000 "Bricks Of Rememberance" honoring veterans of foreign wars. Memorials include World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Pearl Harbor, Airborne, Air Force, Coast Guard, Disabled Veterans, Ex-Prisoners of War, K-9 Corps, China / Burma / India, Medical, Purple Heart, Military Women, Special Forces, Merchant Marines, Seabees and Naval Armed Guard.

Iron Horse Park

The spirit of the 1800s flows into Iron Horse Park located on the north side of the historic Burlington railroad depot at 7th and Q streets. A three-dimensional brick mural, "Iron Horse Legacy," shows old locomotive Number 710 pulling the first train into Lincoln in 1870 on July 4th.

A restored CB&Q steam engine originally built in the Havelock shops, an 1890s water tower fountain and reflecting pool along with a railroad-themed children's play area offer visitors a respite from the bustle of the city.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

The 1,100-acre park includes splended examples of public art, an outdoor amphitheater, picnic areas, hiker/biker trails, ponds, a sled run and a golf course. Gifted to the city in 1928 by Mr. and Mrs. John F. Harris, it was designed by Lincoln's Ernst Herminghaus and was placed on the National Register of outstanding landscape architecture in 1993. The two entrances to the park are graced by life-size statues of a bison and an elk. The "Smoke Signal," a 14-foot likeness of Chief Red Cloud, was erected in 1935, and stands proudly on a geologically interesting outcrop of Dakota sandstone. The "Columns," a favorite spot for weddings, are remnants from the 1907 remodeling of the Federal Treasury Building in Washington, D.C. Pinewood Bowl, a natural outdoor amphitheater, is the site of a summer musical and other community events. The park can be reached using the Bison Trail, part of the 99-mile hiker/biker city trail system.

Park Hours: Open daily until sunset.

Pioneers Park Nature Center

At the west end of Pioneers Park stands a 668-acre Nature Center. It features eight miles of hiking trails that meander along ponds, through tallgrass prairie, woodlands and wetlands, and across a stream. En route herds of bison, elk and deer roam, non-releasable raptors are on exhibit and prairie, herb, bird and butterfly gardens bloom. Two interpretive buildings contain small animal and hands-on exhibits dedicated to the plants and animals of Nebraska. A variety of public programs for all ages are offered in every season. Admission is free.

Nature Center Hours: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

3201 S. Coddington

(402) 441-7895

Wilderness Park

Lose yourself in nature. Lincoln's largest park covers more than 1,475 acres and features over 22 miles of bridle, hiking and biking trails.

The trails begin in southwest Lincoln at South 1st and Van Dorn streets with additional parking areas at South 27th and Saltillo Road, South 14th and Rokeby Road and approximately South First Street and Pioneers Blvd, Old Cheney Road and Calvert.

Do the Angels have a nice "youth movement" going on?

Do the Angels have a nice "youth movement" going on?

I also like the youth that the Angels a showing up.

Mike Trout has been looking solid and started off AA very strong. I wouldn't overhype him too much since the Angels have had problems with stud minor league hitters that turn out to be awful in the majors. Although, Trout has had something that none of our past prospects have had: plate discipline.

Bourjos' defense is otherworldly and his speed combined with his bunting ability can really help the Angels manufacture some runs. However, Bourjos will need to hit more consistently if he wants to be a more useful player. .250/.300/.400 would be just fine, considering his defense. I'm sure all our flyball pitchers really appreciate having a defense that can actually cover as opposed to last season's Rivera/Hunter/Abreu

Conger already has the offensive abilities to be a stud catcher while putting up solid defense. The fact that he started 3 consecutive games shows us that Scioscia is giving him a lot more chances to become the #1 catcher than he gave Napoli. If he continues this pace and keeps up the playing time, he's a RotY candidate for sure.

Mark Trumbo is another rookie having a good campaign so far. He still need to work on plate discipline, but he's shown us way more offensive acumen than Wood has ever had in his last 5 seasons. I'm not sure where he'll fit in once Kendrys comes back, but I like what I'm seeing. If Trumbo can keep up the pace and still manage to be put in the lineup consistently, he's another RotY candidate as well.

Tyler Chatwood showed the Angels some hope for future pitching. He was the best pitching prospect for the Angels last season with a line of: 26 GS, 13-9, 2.84 ERA, 1.38 WHIP, 6.3 K/9, and a high GB%. He won't strike a lot of people out, but he induces a ton of ground balls and has shown that he can battle his way through innings. I think he still needs another season in the minors to build control (3.7 BB/9), but if he has another solid start in the majors, we might be seeing our #5 starter for the rest of the season (sorry Kazmir).

Jordan Walden can dial it up to triple digits any given day and he's shown control over his power slider this year. If he can stay healthy, he's the best 9th inning option the Angels have. I like seeing Scioscia give him more chances over Rodney and hopefully Walden can use the opportunity to solidify his role as the Angel's closer. Another RotY candidate for the Angels.

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