Wear Something Gaudy Day 2020 is on Saturday, October 17, 2020: Does this sound ok to wear on the first day of school?


Saturday, October 17, 2020 is Wear Something Gaudy Day 2020. Wear something gaudy day Wear Something Gaudy Day.

Does this sound ok to wear on the first day of school?

if its your first day at skool.. den u cn try somethin bit little gaudy..

a simple jeans and a simple shirt or t-shirt

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What should I wear on Tacky day?

What should I wear on Tacky day?

LOL! That's cool...Tacky day sounds HILARIOUS!!! Just have fun with it. Now is the time to drag out anything sparkly, bright and gaudy and make sure it doesn't match. It also helps if the clothing is really outdated. Stuff from the 70's and 80's can be really frightening. Those old 'mom' jeans with the high waist...Flowery prints and strange pointy collars on shirts...Belts and handbags with decals and fringe. Holiday sweaters (especially when worn out of season) with big sparkly Santa or Snowman pictures...All of these things can make someone look tacky, especially when worn together!

If you go to a thrift store you can find HORRIBLY tacky items for cheap. Or, if you have some relatives who are older, you could borrow something. Better yet, ask a Granada or someone else who is old. Or you could just look through your own clothes and go for a mismatched look, It helps to mix colors, patterns and seasons. Looking tacky is really easy...people do it all the time without trying! Best of luck and have fun!

Should I wear a Tux or a Suit to my girlfriends snr. prom?

Should I wear a Tux or a Suit to my girlfriends snr. prom?

First off, don't be put off by the length of this answer. If you really are "clueless" about wearing a tuxedo, try to pay attention, because this information really does come in handy.

Historically prom, being a sort of commoners' version of a debutante ball, is a black-tie event. That means a tuxedo is the expected attire, not an ordinary suit. If your high school is anything like mine - or, as I suspect, like most high schools around the country - hardly anyone wears an actual tuxedo. Students these days prefer to wear bastardized colorful three-piece business suits passing off as "tuxedos". I, lacking the resources to do better, went to prom last year as a sophomore in an ill-fitting "concert tuxedo" that was actually our concert band uniform and was, again, a bastardization of a tuxedo and a black business suit. With the right knowledge, however, you can avoid most of the typical style gaffes that plague prom attire.

You can rent a true tuxedo for as little as $100, or you can buy one for a little more than twice that. If you're still a growing young man, you may wish to put off the investment, but it will come in handy once you have reached full adulthood, because repeated rentals can quickly run over the cost of a purchase.

A bow tie is considered a black-tie accessory rather than part of the tuxedo (which, depending on whom you ask, may refer to the jacket and trousers only), but it's a required accessory. The bow tie should never match a dress; it should always be black and should match the material of the lapel facings on your tuxedo jacket. The lapels on a black tuxedo jacket, by the way, should not be self-faced as they are on my "concert tuxedo" - they should have a black satin or grosgrain covering. This extra bit of shine is one of the key distinguishing factors between a tuxedo jacket and a common suit jacket.

From what I've seen a corsage for prom generally goes around the wrist, though I don't think there's an authoritative standard because corsages, unlike boutonnieres, are not really an element of formalwear.

As I said above the bow tie as a rule must be black for a tuxedo because it is framed by a stark white tuxedo shirt, which is in turn framed by a black (or midnight blue) tuxedo jacket. However, if you need a hint of color besides black and white in your tuxedo, you may consider a tastefully dark-colored cummerbund or vest, or a colored handkerchief (pocket square). Keep in mind that if you're going to have a colored boutonniere, you should probably forgo the pocket square so as to avoid a clash of color (which would occur if they were different colors) or a gaudy matching-set look (which would occur if they were the same color).

The vest worn with a tuxedo should always be low-cut, just framing the white shirt front and peaking out from under the jacket. Unfortunately most vests that promgoers wear with tuxedos these days are the three-piece-suit kind and ruin the look altogether. Like the cummerbund, the vest can be tastefully personalized with color, but if you can't find a proper low-cut vest for either rental or purchase, don't wear a vest at all. Wear a cummerbund instead, again either black or tastefully colored.

The lapels on your jacket should be peaked or shawl. This is largely a matter of tradition, because the notched lapel now commonly seen on tuxedos is descended from the business suit rather than formal attire. However, in practice, this distinction will have little aesthetic impact to anyone who doesn't have very specific knowledge about black tie, and for a prom, a notched lapel is not going to make a difference, especially if it's a rental. Just make sure the lapels are satin or grosgrain faced.

There are specific black-tie guidelines on the shirt to be worn with a tuxedo, but there is a good deal of leeway (wing collar vs. turndown collar, pleated front vs. plain front, etc). Generally speaking, I will say that almost any shirt you can find that's advertised as a "tuxedo shirt" will be acceptable. Note, however, that the shirt absolutely must be white; I've seen kids wear pink shirts, blue shirts, even black shirts (which look awful with a black tuxedo jacket and black bow tie), you name it, to prom.

I believe that covers the vast majority of what you need to know when getting your tuxedo for prom. The rest, such as pants, shoes, how to tie a bow tie, etc, can probably be answered by your formalwear retailer. Make sure everything fits as best as possible.

A final note - like I said, most high school kids going to prom these days wear something that looks completely different from what I've just described. Pay them no mind. They may look cute with their highly color-matched suits and bright pink bow ties and vests, but being cutesy is completely different from being refined. There is in fact opportunity to inject color into a tuxedo, but it must be done tastefully. Remember that the tuxedo is a grown man's suit. You do not want to look back at your prom pictures ten years from now and realize that you managed to look like a little boy while wearing a tuxedo.

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