Alternative Fuel Day 2020 is on Saturday, October 17, 2020: What is the deal with alternative fuel vehicles?


Saturday, October 17, 2020 is Alternative Fuel Day 2020. Alternative Fuel: Buses‎ Meets performance requirements of high-mileage, high-runtime vehicles

What is the deal with alternative fuel vehicles?

"Alternative fuel vehicles" is a name. Some gasoline/electric hybrids do not use any alternative fuel at all. You pull up to a pump in a Prius and pump in gasoline just like any of the other 200 million vehicles on the US roads.

There is an argument that once electric starters were put in formerly hand cranked gasoline vehicles they became gasoline / electric hybrids but they were not marketed as "hybrids" or "alternative fuel vehicles" they were just gasoline vehicles with wonderful electric starters.

So what is in the name? Some people like being different. Some people are searching for an "alternative" to big oil and the monopoly that gasoline powered vehicles have enjoyed for about 100 plus years. Yes, I would say it is a label that appeals to some. Frankly, although I "rank" among those who have answered questions in the section of Yahoo Answers, I think it is more appropriate to list questions about electric cars, hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, solar cars, and perhaps even some steam vehicles along with related energy issues under the "Cars and Transportation" section rather than under this "Environment" section.

The present classification suggests that such vehicles will always be niche vehicles and for those primarily interested in "Environmental" issues. Yet of the three big reasons why someone might purchase an electric car (cost, security, environment) it is probably the weakest reason. It is not "weak" because it is any less valid. It is weak because the arguments are less clear, less based upon numbers than either a strategic or cost analysis. It is also weak because when we take a look at where people will privately spend their money social concerns tend to be secondary to private concerns.

Before electric cars can increase their market share substantially they have to reach outside of the "environment" label or environmentalism must become a driving force in the market. I can't speak for manufacturers, and this may be a shock for some environmental purists and conservative pundits alike, but a wise choice may be to pursue both while using the traditional lures of sex, fear and power to market such vehicles. To some extent this is proven in the success of Tesla Motors. They offer a powerful, luxury car that happens to be electric, but they don't rely completely upon its environmental credentials.

At the end of the day people must "like" the cars they drive.

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This is sooo hard! (alternative sources of fuel)?

This is sooo hard! (alternative sources of fuel)?

Q1) Natural gas is a domestically produced alternative fuel and is readily available to end users through the utility infrastructure. It can produce significantly fewer harmful emissions than gasoline or diesel when used in natural gas vehicles.

The main source of natural gas is a fossil fuel, formed over millions of years by the action of heat and pressure on organic material.

Q2) Biomass refers to living and recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel or for industrial production.

Q3) ethanol and biodiesel

Q4) Methanol is methane with one hydrogen molecule replaced by a hydroxyl radical (OH). It is predominantly produced by steam reforming natural gas to create a synthesis gas, which is then fed into a reactor vessel in the presence of a catalyst. This process then produces methanol and water vapor.

5) It is made from sugar beets and cane or cellulosic materials, such as fast-growing trees and grasses.

Q6) $2.09 Gas ans ethanol vs $3.03 gasoline

Q7) Find it out yourself. My area doesn't have it.

Q8) Methane can also be produced from biomass through a process called anaerobic digestion. Natural consortia of bacteria are used to decompose organic matter in the absence of oxygen in closed reactors. Gas suitable for power production is produced, and possibly troublesome wastes (such as those at sewage treatment plants or feedlots) are turned to usable compost.

Q9) Ethanol is an alcohol, the same as in beer and wine (although ethanol used as a fuel is modified to make it undrinkable). It is made by fermenting any biomass high in carbohydrates through a process similar to beer brewing. Today, ethanol is made from starches and sugars, but NREL scientists are developing technology to allow it to be made from cellulose and hemicellulose, the fibrous material that makes up the bulk of most plant matter. Ethanol is mostly used as blending agent with gasoline to increase octane and cut down carbon monoxide and other smog-causing emissions.

Q10) Fuel cells offer a promising new source of clean power for vehicles. This innovative technology uses chemical energy rather than combustion to generate electric power. It results in far fewer or even zero emissions.

essay on alternative fuels?

essay on alternative fuels?

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