World Student Day 2020 is on Saturday, October 17, 2020: Don't you think the world has gone corrupt?


Saturday, October 17, 2020 is World Student Day 2020. ifes world student day World Student Day is an annual

Don’t you think the world has gone corrupt?

The world is getting worse, but if people just lie back and give up, it will never get better. Sure, there are horrible people in the world, and horrible things going on, but that doesn't mean we can give up faith in humanity. There are so many nice people in the world, so many selfless people who want to help each other. It helps sometimes to look at that, and focus on that, instead of the cruel things humans do.

Let me give you some examples:

-Do you know what postsecret is? Its when people send in postcards with their secrets (anonomously) to this guy. And he puts them together in books, for people to read, and see they aren't alone in their own secrets. Every sunday, he puts up some secrets that don't make the book on his website, and people can email to respond to them. One person wrote a secret about how hard it would be to explain to her son that "Santa" lost her job as a waitress and won't be able to get him what he wants. Someone responded with a similar story. She got a message from another person, not someone rich, just a regular student i think it was, who offered to help her buy what her son wanted. Other people ended up contributing too, and that woman and her son ended up with the best christmas ever, and she will be able to pay for so many other things now too.

-Another person used to hand out $100 bills to people at christmastime who seemed like they needed the money. He died a few years ago, and now there are thousands of people who do the same every christmas, in memory of his good deeds

-Just look at relief efforts for disasters. 9/11: Thousands of people in New York volunteered to help. The entire country united, and the entire world united behind America in their time of need. Katrina: Millions of people in the US and around the world gave money and items to help the people of New Orleans. The earthquake in China, and the Tsunami: Same as with Katrina. And millions of people also left their jobs for a bit to go help out with relief efforts. The recent attacks in Mumbai: People in India and all over the world held vigils and marches for the victims. Muslims from all over India and the world held marches for peace, to show their solidarity against the cruel things those who call themselves followers of islam did.

-There's a movie called Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas). Its about WWI, but that wasn't too long ago. Watch it. It is about humanity in the midst of a war, where on the trenches, German, French, and Scottish soldiers celebrated christmas together

-Couch surfing. It is an idea where when people travel, instead of going to hotels, they crash at a friends house. Now, though, there are groups on the internet where there are entire communities of people all over the world who basically open up their homes to travelers for free. These people trust each other, and they will write on each other's profiles so people know they are legit people, and they basically promote cultural diversity and understanding. Instead of being a tourist in another country, people can now visit someone, really get to know the culture and people, and share their own culture. I think its a great idea and theme, and its been working wonderfully for some years now.

And I think all those show that with just a little trust, and optimism, you can see the world really isn't that bad a place. Yeah, there is still violence, there are still horrible people, but there is so much humanity left. There are so many people who will help others, so many people willing to be accepting, and who want to learn about each other. I think that instead of being scared at how bad things get and giving up, we should work towards making it a better place. Give money for relief efforts in Darfur. Start a charity. Open your couch to a stranger. Do something nice for someone else. Just smile at someone you pass on the street. Whether small or big, every step counts, and will make the world a nicer place to live.

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what is the role of students on world water day??

what is the role of students on world water day??

students should be aware why conservation of water is important. they should make others aware of the same too. they should conserve water by ensuring there is no wastage of water, should report about leaking taps etc.

its not just for students, its very important for everyone to conserve water so that our future generations do not suffer.

should students treat each day like going to work in order to prepare themselves for the real world?

should students treat each day like going to work in order to prepare themselves for the real world?

You could try doing a co-op job to give yourself a taste of real-world work ethic.

You could consider whether you're taking enough courses, if attending class and studying is only three hours a day.

You could stay involved with other stuff to give yourself a fuller life - such as volunteering, being in clubs, learning a sport, etc ... and not limit yourself to on-campus activities either; do some things with non-students.

On the other hand, you shouldn't feel guilty, especially early in a semester or quarter, because the thing about the working world is that you don't always have to take work home and have it hanging over you every evening and weekend. And as a student, you do. Enjoy the chance to lead a simple convenient life while you have it.

If you're looking for advice about how to prepare yourself for an employed lifestyle, the one thing I'd say is to pay attention to your sleep habits, because they can be hard to change if you get in bad habits. Make sure that when you need to you can wake up early and function in the morning.

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