Mulligan Day 2020 is on Saturday, October 17, 2020: Can you please?


Saturday, October 17, 2020 is Mulligan Day 2020. Mulligan Day October 17, Mulligan Day,

Can you please......?

Well in my younger days...the true meaning of Tuesday is that is the way you should have felt on Monday if there were not partying all weekend....but again, my much younger days (that is why I keep my crackers in the trash) Hi, by the way. Alda

Kinda along the lines of a question I saw earlier...Tuesday is a Mulligan day for Monday....

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Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)?

Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)?

Seize the day! Live each day as if it were you last. Smile at someone you don't know, it may be the only thing he or she has to be glad for that day. Live while there is life to be lived. Love while there is love. Help others that cannot help themselves. Do not live to your death bed and wonder then, "If only I had done more?". Do not waste the day, rather, seize life by the throat and drink from its fountain! Live like you have never lived before! Regret nothing and do not think back on what you would have done if only given a second chance. Life gives no second chances, no mulligans, no "do overs". We live but once. Live like you know this. Love like you will not have that love tomorrow. Enjoy everything around you, even the simplest things. Enjoy the small things in life. One day you will look back and realize, those were the big ones.

Seize the day, my friends! Your life is to be lived, not squandered foolishly.

Seize the day! No man is promised a tomorrow.

Seize the day!

where does the golfing term "mulligan" originate from?

where does the golfing term "mulligan" originate from?

There is considerable debate about this topic, to say the least. There are several clubs and several people who have staked claims about the origin of the term 'mulligan.'

The story most widely accepted focuses on a gentleman named David Mulligan who played at the St. Lambert CC in Montreal, Canada during the 1920s. There are several versions of the David Mulligan story.

Mr. Mulligan was a hotelier in the first half of the century, a part-owner and manager of the Biltmore Hotel in New York City, as well as several large Canadian hotels. One story says that the first mulligan was an impulsive sort of event - that one day Mulligan hit a very long drive off the first tee, just not straight, and acting on impulse re-teed and hit again. His partners found it all amusing, and decided that the shot that Mulligan himself called a 'correction shot' deserved a better named, so they called it a 'mulligan.'

Story two: Mulligan played regularly with a group of friends at St. Lambert, and in the morning he drove to pick up his golfing buddies. The road into the club was reportedly bumpy and windy and just sort of generally poor, with bridge of bumpy railroad ties. An extra shot was allotted to Mulligan, the driver of the car, on the first tee because he was jumpy and shaking from the difficult drive.

Story three: this story again identified a specific moment, citing a day when David Mulligan showed up late to the course, having scrambled to get out of bed late and get dressed and get to the course on time. He was frazzled on the first tee, hit a poor shot, and re-teed.

Another version of the 'mulligan' story comes from the Essex Fells CC in N.J. This story is one of the latest, and may therefore be less credible. According to this version, the term was named after a locker room attendant at the club named John A. 'Buddy' Mulligan, who worked at the club during the 1930s and was known for replaying shots, particularly on the first tee.

Also on this date Saturday, October 17, 2020...