Spirit Day 2020 is on Saturday, October 17, 2020: Ideas On School Spirit Day!!?


Saturday, October 17, 2020 is Spirit Day 2020.

Ideas On School Spirit Day??!!?

we have school spirit day coming up too, and we have the same colors, although our mascot is different! I normally don't go all out, but I can share what I normally do, if you like anything please feel free to use it!

My Outfit:

parents old high school jersey or a school tee-shirt

black leggings or skinny jeans

White canvas shoes

(for these I am designing them with some colored sharpies so I can do some fun spirit day designs)

Some red and black beads

red, black and white jelly bracelets

Temporary spray in hair coloring ( just doing some red streaks)

Hope my look will give you some ideas!

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Any ideas for spirit days?

Any ideas for spirit days?

get married day

backwards day

dress like the opposite gender day

wear your least favorite color day

pick an era and dress like it

famous movie stars

beach bum day

we have a lot of spirit days at my school

Help With Spirit Day!!!?

Help With Spirit Day!!!?

Yay! I love Spirit Days! Your school has pretty weird colors, no offense but it looks like Halloween colors... Okay first, wear your school shirt. NEVER wear your black pants, wear your black jeans. Put your hair up like a pony tail. Wear black boots and wear all your accessories except for the black necklace because you have too many blacks. LOL. Do your hair curly so you won't look like emo. LOL. Good Luck on your School Spirit Day!!!

Also on this date Saturday, October 17, 2020...