That Sucks Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020: Why Does Valentine's Day Suck?


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is That Sucks Day 2020. National that sucks day - Bangor paganism National That Sucks Day in

That Sucks Day

In the past, lots of bad unexpected things happen on That Sucks Day, most famously being that it is tax payday (this is your day the Titanic sank and Abraham Lincoln subsequently died).

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Why Does Valentine’s Day Suck?

The expectations of gifts, chocolates and roses, along with romance is just tree trimmings. The man also expects some coital activity. And if this doesn't happen, it sucks. It is a more expensive date night, that is put into extreme focus and could easily disappoint the two people. Better would be to trade kisses and say I LOVE you. Follow this us with a thoughtful action (doesn't have to be a bought item) that shows you are thoughtful (women, at least my wife like that.) Clean the bathroom, vacuum get the house ready for spring cleaning, Carry this as a weekly or every-other week favor.

I have been married a pretty long time. We are hard on cash, I was laid off, so my wife said, "you didn't buy anything special I hope." I was a bit surprised because this could backfire like the question does this dress look too tight on me?

I am married as I said, I have no expectations today, and I don't need to. I know I have a person who loves and would do anything within her power to help me or make me successful regardless of our current life problems.

Knowing that is powerful, comforting and causes me to love her more.

So it sucks if you expect something, it's great to accept what you get.


Why does work suck every day?

Why does work suck every day?

The key is to find something you love. Please, please read "48 Days to the Work You Love". Great book. Also, "No More Mondays" is a good one. I love my job, I'm very good at it and find it very fulfilling. I worked with a friend years ago and he hated working here, then, he put in for a job doing similar work at a different place and apparently found his niche because now he feels about that place like I do about this one. You spend too much time at work to have a job you hate. Now, if you're young obviously you're going to have to pay your dues working in a "beginner job", until you get some references and a reputation. If that is the case, maybe the job isn't the problem, maybe it's your attitude. If you're paying your dues, suck it up and realize that your attitude is going to affect the people around you. Wouldn't it suck to find out YOU are causing other people to hate their job as well? Misery is contagious. I still work with this one guy who I avoid like the plague, he's always griping about how much his job sucks and how much he hates it. The people that have no choice but to spend time with him seem to be just as miserable as he is.

If you're a big reader and finish both of those other books, which I truly hope you will, read "entreleadership". Perhaps you weren't meant to work for someone else. I'm assuming you're in America and if so, this is still the land of opportunity no matter if we do have a bummbletard in the White House.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” -Seth Godin

Who thinks Toonami sucks these days?

Who thinks Toonami sucks these days?

I know what you mean they got rid off the other 2 robot host they were the coolest host ever than they take away all the good shows like


Dragon ball z

samira jack

and others whats happening to tv these days

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