Bicycle Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020: Essentials for 30 miles of bicycling a day?


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is Bicycle Day 2020.

Bicycle Day

Bicycle Day doesn't, as you might expect, celebrate the ever-present two-wheeled mode of transport, beloved of city- and country- residents alike around the world. Rather, it remembers a specific historic event which involves a visit on the bicycle. ‘Trip’ may be the operative word here, as Bicycle Day remember the very first time Dr. Albert Hofmann deliberately required Lysergic acidity diethylamide (LSD) getting accidentally discovered it 72 hours formerly. Following a deliberate 250mcg dose he began to feel just a little odd, so made the decision to ride his bicycle home. What went down with that trip would result in LSD becoming the most popular leisure drug – not without its problems though, and that's why taking LSD isn't a suggested method to celebrate Bicycle Day. Rather, why don't you read Ken Kesey’s One Travelled Within the Cuckoo’s Nest while hearing ‘Lucy on the horizon With Diamonds’? Trippy, but perfectly safe.

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Essentials for 30 miles of bicycling a day?

Seriously, twenty bucks and a cell phone, just in case. Go to and browse a little, do a search or two, and if you still have questions post them there. Those guys have studied the various aspects of bicycling to the ninth degree. Lights depend on the nature of your ride and your budget. I've been looking at the Magicshine P7 lately, inexpensive and the quality of light that I want, but I'm haven't found too much information on its construction quality and durability yet.

100 bicycle crunches a day?

100 bicycle crunches a day?

that doesn't burn fat a good cardio run and a good diet does though. (good diet+good cardio+ab workout=amazing abs) i should mention you should burn more calories than you consume and cardio is like a jog for an hour every day

How many bicycles were produced from day 8 to 28?

How many bicycles were produced from day 8 to 28?

If we assume the function description means that r(t) bicycles were produced in week t, then the total number of bicycles produced in weeks 2, 3, and 4 will be ...

r(2) + r(3) + r(4) = (110 + 1.1(2 + 0.3*2)) + (110 + 1.1(3 + 0.3*3)) + (110 + 1.1(4 + 0.3*4))

.. = (110 + 1.1*2.6) + (110 + 1.1*3.9) + (110 + 1.1*5.2)

.. = 330 + 1.1*(2.6 + 3.9 + 5.2)

.. = 330 + 1.1*11.7

.. = 342.87

In those three weeks, 342.87 bicycles were produced.


One might argue that since the rate is continually changing, the problem is best solved by evaluating the definite integral of the function r(t) over some range. The range we choose will depend on our interpretation of r(t). If r(t) represents the production rate at the beginning of week t, then our integration limits might be [2, 5], as we are concerned with the entirety of weeks 2 through 4. If r(t) represents the rate of production at the end of week t, we might choose integration limits of [1, 4].

The first integral is

.. 110*(5-2) - 1.1/2(5^2-2^2) + 0.3/3(5^3-2^3) = 330.15

The second integral is

.. 110*(4-1) - 1.1/2(4^2-1^2) + 0.3/3(4^3-1^3) = 328.05

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