National Library Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020: National Honor Society?!?!?!! Question?


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is National Library Day 2020.

National Honor Society?!?!?!! Question?

Thanksgiving is in 2 days... Try calling your local shelter to ask if they need volunteers to serve food that day. Con some of your friends into going with you.

Then, you can ask one of your teachers if you could ask your class to do some kind of a drive - maybe get the whole class to collect as many stuffed animals or toys for christmas, then donate them. Set a deadline, maybe look for a sponsor to donate a prize to the winner for motivation. And look! You'd be the leader there.

After that (unless you're a senor), try joining a couple of clubs to make it legit.

You're lucky: you only have to worry about getting in. I had to speak at the induction ceremony! Talk about pressure!

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Waitangi Day Party, HELP PLEASE :)?

Waitangi Day Party, HELP PLEASE :)?

Waitangi Day is a New Zealand's National Day celebrated every year on February 6th.

Create a Kiwi Theme. Hang the New Zealand flag and create a kiwi theme in your home. Wear items that reflect the colours of New Zealand. Listen to kiwi music all day.

Have a party. Organize a party, a sausage sizzle or a barbeque at your home to get friends together for the day. Make sure to get a variety of dishes that reflect the different cultures making up New Zealand. If you decide to have a dinner party, invite friends or family for a real Kiwi dinner – roast lamb, roast kumara and veggies, followed by pavlova as representative of New Zealand cuisine.

Read the Treaty of Waitangi so you know what the day is all about (See a comprehensive reference guide to the Treaty of Waitangi @ the Library or the net)

Organize a Waitangi Day quiz – with Kiwi-themed questions and prizes

Say Kia Ora to everyone you meet on Waitangi Day

Plant a tree in a celebration of Waitangi Day

As for Games of Fun!!! Read below to get you started...


Year's End Charades (silly game in which players act out notable events of the past 12 months)

Need- Paper, Pens or markers, 2 baskets or hats

Instructions- To start, divide the players into 2 teams and send the teams into separate rooms. Each group should then write an agreed-upon number of events from the past year on slips of paper. (Try to list only events that most players will be likely to remember, such as a family trip, a favorite movie that debuted, or a significant local news event.) Fold the slips in half, then collect each team's slips in a separate basket or hat and have the teams return to the playing area. To play, determine a time limit for each performance, then have players take turns pulling slips from the other team's container and pantomiming the event mentioned, offering clues (such as the type of event, the number of words, and so on) as in regular charades, if you like. If any of the actor's teammates can correctly identify the incident before time runs out, that team earns 1 point. The team with the highest score after all the events have been acted out wins.


Play the "Minute to Win It" (This games will be totally fun for your party...guarantee) Check it out @ -

I hope this help... enjoy.

National History Day help?

National History Day help?

I haven't studied Swedish history since the 1970's, so I'll just give you one link - to Wikipedia. For school, you should ideally find several independent sources, so do look it up in other encyclopedias, whichever that you've got available at home or in your school library perhaps.

Please note that the Wikipedia article itself suggests further sources and there are some source citations, so you might want to check those out, too.

Also on this date Wednesday, April 15, 2020...