Jackie Robinson Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020: What are your thoughts on Jackie Robinson day?


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is Jackie Robinson Day 2020.

What are your thoughts on Jackie Robinson day?

I seriously doubt that Zack "knows" what Robinson endured, but as far as his stats go, had Robinson had the opportunity to start his major league career at 20 or 21, he would have been a 3,000 hit man and probably hit well over 300 HRs as well.... he'd also hit in the .325 to .330 range for his career rather than .311. We'd also probably be looking at 400+ stolen bases... He made his major league debut at the age of 28.

Major league players can talk all they want about what Robinson "meant" to them, but the fact is, they don't have a clue who Robinson was or what he went through to make it possible for them to have the careers they're having.

Most (at least 95%) MLB players are incredibly ignorant of the history of the game... they kind of know Robinson was the first black player to play in the 20th centruy (a number of blacks played professionally in the 19th century) but that's the extent of what they know about him...

I don't see anything wrong with current players pretending to care about the history of the game for one day. Besides, baseball is the perfect sport to have a "This day in history" thing going every single day of the season... and you're not gonna get anything bigger on April 15 than Robinson's debut.

What's just as funny as the players who pretend that Robinson means something to them are the ESPN guys who pretend to have a clue..

As far as players wearing #42, that's fine if MLB wants to give them a choice to do that... maybe some players don't think they're "worhty" of it, and so I wouldn't criticize anyone for NOT wearing it...

But heck, once a year, nothing wrong with a Jackie Robinson day... he was a TRULY unique individual in the history of baseball (and America)... but as I said, the players and the sportscenter anchors who pretend to honor him really don't have a clue as to who he really was.

But maybe next year, for fun, I think Mo Rivera should wear a DIFFERENT number besides his usual 42... let everyone else wear 42 except him.

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Did you know that today is Jackie Robinson Day ?

Did you know that today is Jackie Robinson Day ?

I was not aware of this. Although I am not a big baseball fan, I certainly know who Jackie Robinson was. Think of all the African American athletes in sports today compared to then! Amazing how far society has come. Still a ways to go though.

Jackie Robinson's life and legacy will be remembered as one of the most important in American history. In 1997, the world celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Jackie's breaking Major League Baseball's color barrier. In doing so, we honored the man who stood defiantly against those who would work against racial equality and acknowledged the profound influence of one man's life on the American culture. On the date of Robinson's historic debut, all Major League teams across the nation celebrated this milestone. Also that year, on United States Post Office honored Robinson by making him the subject of a commemorative postage stamp. On Tuesday, April 15 President Bill Clinton paid tribute to Jackie at Shea Stadium in New York in a special ceremony.

Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB?

Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB?

They dedicated the Jackie Robinson Rotunda in CitiField today. I can't wait until I go there Saturday to see it.

When I was 6 years old, I saw Jackie Robinson play for the Brooklyn Dodgers against the NY Giants in the Polo Grounds. That was my first game, September 4, 1954. The Giants won the World Series the next month, and the Dodgers won it the next year, in 1955, and then they both went to California.

Also on this date Wednesday, April 15, 2020...