Cancer Survivors Day 2018 is on Friday, June 1, 2018: National Cancer Survivors Day?


Friday, June 1, 2018 is Cancer Survivors Day 2018. 5 Great Gift Ideas Give Your Amazing Survivor of Cancer the Perfect Gift.

Cancer Survivors Day

This very day is definitely an annual celebration of Existence. This really is to boost understanding of Cancer Children – Within the U.S. alone you will find over 11 million children, and also to raise funds for Cancer Research Non profit organizations.

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National Cancer Survivors Day?

I am happy that I know several people who have survived cancer, my brother and my neighbor. Unfortunately, it cost me the life of my father. So I am thankful for all the people who have gone before and helped to fund cancer research. Hopefully, someday soon we will make cancer obsolete.

Does cancer survivors day play important role for cancer awareness ?

Does cancer survivors day play important role for cancer awareness ?

Cancer survivors are usually quite vocal about their treatments and the success thereof. They also provide hope to those who are newly diagnosed that cancer is not a death sentence.

Cancer support please?

Cancer support please?

I'm glad that hope helps because that it what I have to offer you. While I'm no expert on bone metastases, I am a cancer survivor and I have many friends who were given a doctor's timeline for the rest of their days.

What I do know is this: The time the doctor's tell you they think you have is based on several standard factors that have nothing to do with your case in particular. For instance, Stage 4 cancer is considered fatal. Doctors tell patients who are Stage 4 that they don't have long to live. But did you know how cancer stages are determined? Stage 4 is a standard cancer grade given when your either your tumor size is large, your lymph system is infected, or you have one cancer that has metastisized into any other area of your body. These things all get the Stage 4 grade, despite the individual's situation and history. I work with two women who were both Stage 4 over 15 years ago (one of them is over 20 years cancer free now). My friend, N, at work had multiple bone marrow transplants and stem cell transplants during her treatment. She wasn't given much hope or much time.

Again, that was 15 years ago, and today she is perfectly fine. It took a long time and a hard fight for her to get better, but she's an attractive, healthy, middle-aged woman at the top of her career who has raised two sons since her diagnosis.

Cancer is the most advanced science in medicine. New answers are discovered nearly monthly!

My cancer was HER-2 positive cancer of the breasts. The common thinking was the HER-2 was high risk, nontreatable cancer. HER-2 had the highest chance of recurrance and a low chance for survival. I was diagnosed in July 2008. Just a year or two prior to that, a new drug called Herceptin was finally available to all HER-2 cancer sufferers. This drug changes everything. I went from poor prognosis to great prognosis, and finally, I am actually cured. Because of the way the drug attacks the receptors that cause my kind of cancer, I am cured.

Stories like this are common. The doctors must tell you the timeline per the Staging, which is standard for everyone, but they don't know what's going to happen, how your husband will respond to treatment, or what new drug may be waiting FDA approval for just his kind of cancer. It is wonderful that he has you. You may be the one to keep him calm and healthy and fighting. That's how he will live and maybe even thrive again soon.

In my opinion, you should encourage him to treat his cancer aggressively and with the most modern medicine available. Combine that with some alternative treatments to help his health and a diet and lifestyle that will make him happy and peaceful when stress wants to weaken him, and you have your bases covered.

Don't want to lose him? Then the two of you hunker down and fight. People win this one all the time. Ignore the media. They like the bad news. The truth is right there in the chemo chair beside you. Just think how amazing the two of you will be together after winning this war.

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