Stand For Children Day 2018 is on Friday, June 1, 2018: one night stand child?


Friday, June 1, 2018 is Stand For Children Day 2018. Topic: How We Work "Stand for Children Day".

one night stand child?

Well if the thought haunts you. Then why don't you send her a friendly message and ask her how's she's doing with the pregnancy until she becomes more comfortable talking to you about it then ask her if the father of the child is happy or not and based on her answers you'll be able to tell.

If she says she doesn't know who the father is then you can offer to take DNA tests (if that's going to make you feel better) Who knows maybe you're not the father.

Another thing you should worry about, is your girlfriend, the love your life. Are you going to be honest with her and tell her the truth before moving in with her? I think you should.

You seem like a person with good conscious because you're thinking of all this but in order to feel better, you got to talk to both ladies.

Good luck.

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cant stand children anymore?

cant stand children anymore?

When you have your own you can spank them and keep their little butts in line. People who have a child throwing tantrums in public haven't disciplined them very well. Unfortunately that is most parents these days. Have you seen what passes for punishment these days? One minute on the naughty step for each year of age? Oh yeah four minutes on a step is real difficult.

how much is an adult and a child ticket at the odeon cinema?

how much is an adult and a child ticket at the odeon cinema?

~Adult (All day Sat/Sun, After 2pm Mon-Fri & Bank Hols):


Prem -£8.10

~Adult (Before 2pm Mon-Fri):


Prem -£7.10

~Under 15s (At all times):


Prem -£6.70

~Senior (At all times):


Prem -£6.70

~Student (At all times):


Prem -£6.70

~ODEON Kids Screenings (One adult free for each child):


Prem -£3.80

~Senior Screen (Includes free hot drink):


Prem -£4.50

~3D Films (with digital projection and crystal clear sound)

Additional premium of:


Other -£2.00

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