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Who thinks global warming is real?

This is one of those questions which really needs qualification.

This current period of 'global warming began about 1500 years ago!

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Especially with the extortionate price we are paying just to try and keep warm in the winter with high fuel prices.

If you are asking if man has any impact then the answer is a definite NO!

Do not be arrogant enough to believe that man has any impact, or can do anything about it!

Stop wasting our time and money on a myth.

Check out the facts!

Stop supporting the IPCC, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and similar organizations which are only their now to take your money!

If the science actually showed that man was responsible (in even a small way) I would be at the top of the list to fight against it.

CO2 is not a 'greenhouse gas'.

CO2 does not cause 'global warming'.

CO2 is needed for life to exist on earth.(Conveniently overlooked)

CO2 does not destroy the ozone layer.

There has never been a 'HOLE' in the ozone layer.(only yearly cyclical 'lower than normal concentrations)

I am sick and tired of hearing every day about 'global warming'.

If we have a week or so of warmer than normal weather in summer, it's blamed on 'global warming'.

If we are experiencing a warmer than normal winter, it's blamed on 'global warming'.

If we are experiencing a blizzard or hurricane then it's got to be due to 'global warming'.

If we have a heavy downpour it's again got to be due to 'global warming'.

We tend to observe and relate to events that occur during our lifetimes.

If you're an 'old fart' like me you might say " I can remember 3 feet of snow in winter when I was young, that doesn't happen anymore".

This may be true. I can remember when I was a young child living in the Seattle area when we had a blizzard. We thought it was great fun to play in the snow and make a snowman.

That happened about 1960.

Normally, if you did get snow, you may only get one or two minor snowfalls which may be from a slight dusting up to 3 or 4 inches.

Most winters it only rained!

Yet 10 or so years before I was born, my parents told me of the time that my father was working two jobs to try to make ends meet and used to sleep in the spare bedroom downstairs so as not to disturb my mother's sleep when he came home at 3AM.

He slept with the window above the bed open for fresh air.

That night there was a huge blizzard with 6 foot drifts.

When my mother went to wake my father up in the morning she was in a panic because the wind direction had blown the snow through the open window and completely buried my father.

When my mother dug him out from under the snow his response was that it was the most restful night's sleep he could remember having.

This was caused by freak weather conditions for the area. Today, such an event would be blamed on 'global warming'.

If you live in the mid-west, this would practically be a yearly event.

Like I have said before, please check out the facts.

Stop listening to the 'Doom and Gloom'.

Do not believe it just because you saw it on TV or found it on the internet.

Certainly ignore anything Al Gore is saying.

After all he is a politician.(We all know that 99.9% of politicians can't think for themselves.)

Let us stop wasting our resources on myths.

The amount of wasted time and money dealing with this subject is a real crime.

Let us spend our money and efforts on things which we can improve such as health care and education.

I may have offended some of you.

I only hope this will make you more determined to look into the true science.

Otherwise you can go back to watching ' Big Brother'.

Don't be one of those who is following someone who is following someone who is lost!

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Do my parents have to come with me to SME global audition?

Do my parents have to come with me to SME global audition?

anyone can take you on an audition, but you will need a parent to sign any legal papers.

SM Entertainment Global Audition 2013?

SM Entertainment Global Audition 2013?

1.) Usually not, but it is up to their discretion.

2.) No. Weekly Auditions are much more organized and aren't on as much of a time constraint. Weekly Auditions also will usually add in the rhythm test where as there are too many participants for that at Global Auditions and they limit you to /just/ singing or /just/ dancing.

3.) For Weekly Auditions they kind of expect mostly Korean auditionees but also a mix of international ones as well. For Global Auditions they expect people from the area of the audition. For example, the ones in Korea they will be expecting people from Korea, Southeast Asia, and China. If I am not mistaken, all auditions have staff present who can communicate in Korean and English, and sometimes Chinese and Japanese.

4.) Global Auditions will have about 3 judges. The judges are going to be nicer near the beginning of the audition and their patience and tolerance are going to go down as the Audition stretches on, mostly because of the sheer number of applicants. This year could see an improved mood because of the fewer locations.

5.) Sure.

6.) Yes. Especially at Global Auditions, there is a time constraint on the judges. The average contestant gets about 15-40 seconds to sing. If they like you they will let you sing longer or ask you to sing another song.

I suggest starting near the song's climax.

7.) Yes, but like I said in number 3, there will be contestants from countries near to Korea like China and Southeast Asia.

8.) Yes, you sing acapella. Also, no, you do not get an opportunity to dance at Global Auditions.

9.) You should know immediately. For those they deem as "qualified" to pass, they ask for an introduction and a head shot. They will also either have you stay behind and sing some more or invite you to a private audition the next day. Once a week has passed, you can safely assume you did not pass.

10.) Catch the judges' attention. Be charismatic and charming form the moment the staff let you into the room to the moment you exit. In an audition as chaotic and that has as high of number of participants as the Global Auditions do, unless you have sheer talent, it is be remembered positively that gets you a "Pass". They need to see the star quality that will make you stand out amongst the sea of faces.

11.) You can try to make him understand your side. The big kicker will be proving to him that you are pursuing this because of your talent and your dreams of being an entertainer rather than because you're an obsessed fan.

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