Oscar The Grouch Day 2018 is on Friday, June 1, 2018: Do you like the name Oscar for a baby boy?


Friday, June 1, 2018 is Oscar The Grouch Day 2018. Image - Oscar the Grouch eats pizza in A Day in the Life of Oscar ... File:Oscar the Grouch eats

Do you like the name Oscar for a baby boy?

I used to think it was a great name until one day I took my kids to the park and I saw this kid who was probably about 8 years old. he was really short and really skinny for his age compared to the friends he was with. his mom had dressed him up all "cool" in expensive brand name clothes and he had a rockstar haircut. he looked absolutely ridiculous at his age. then I saw he was carrying a folder from school that said his name on it. his name was Oscar. at that point it occurred to me that Oscar is a name that can really only be carried well on someone who is really really cool. I think that's because of the association with oscar the grouch and oscar wilde. both iconic characters/people. you have no way of knowing whether your son will grow up to be REALLy really cool or not.....

there are lots of original unusual names out there that dont have such strong pop culture associations, that wont end up being a curse for your kid. every kid has an unusual name these days so I think that people telling you "the kid will be teased" is kind of a worn out argument. that is, with the exception of the name Oscar.

ya. long answer....

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Does Oscar the Grouch live in a trash can because he is lazy and does not want to contribute to

Does Oscar the Grouch live in a trash can because he is lazy and does not want to contribute to society?

Oscar the Grouch used to live in a gated golf community in Greenwich, Connecticut. He was the CEO of the Electric Company in the 70's. But that was absorbed by Reading Rainbow in a hostile takeover. When that happened, it came to light that he, along with Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet had been cooking the books at The Electric Company.

So he was indicted, along with Julia, Graham Kerr, and Morgan Freeman. The stress exacerbated his cookie habit (which he picked up from Cookie Monster), which soon spiraled out of control. His wife, Prairie Dawn, divorced him & took what was left of his fortune, dignity, & letters of the day. From there it was just a short trip down Sesame Street & into the garbage can.

Sad, but true. So kids: Just say NO! to cookies.

Boy name of the day - thoughts, opinions?

Boy name of the day - thoughts, opinions?

Do you like this name?

No, it reminds me of Oscar the Grouch off Sesame street.

Would you use it for a child?

Absolutely not.

Is there a spelling variation of it that you like better and would you call him by a nickname?If yes to nickname that what would the nickname be?

No, Oscar is the only legit way of spelling Oscar and any others would be stupid. I would probably call him Osc or when he was grumpy Oscar the Grouch haha.

What middle name do you think goes best with it? Oscar James was the first name that sprung to mind. Oscar Seth and Oscar Chase would also be good middle names.

Suggestions for future boys names are:

















Great question, I like the format :)

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