Say Something Nice Day 2018 is on Friday, June 1, 2018: How to smell nice all day?


Friday, June 1, 2018 is Say Something Nice Day 2018. - Part 3 say-something-nice

Say Something Nice Day

Say Something Nice Day started in Charleston, Sc, once the Mayors of North Charleston and Charleston joined together with people from the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery and also the Sc Baptist Convention to produce a day to become kind towards the special individuals our way of life, like our kids. It is also each day to keep in mind and celebrate people, who give to us a number of services, for example bus motorists, health care employees and instructors. And, it’s an excellent chance to apologize to individuals that people may have harmed or hurt through our behavior. The goal of valentine's day would be to combat unkindness, bullying and the possible lack of pleasantness that rules contemporary society. The designers hope that that one day's pleasantness will grow, until individuals are nice to one another everyday.Set a good example and encourage your kids to become nice to one another about this day.

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How to smell nice all day?

Starting out with the basics: First off, obviously, make sure you always use deodorant. Scented if possible. Take regular showers, every day, if you can't wash your hair every day use a shower cap or simply tie it back. Use body wash all over.

you probably do these things already, so for the real answers: Use scented lotion, one you really like and can preferably keep in your bag. Use it on your arms, hands, neck, jaw-line, & chest! (even if you're wearing a shirt that doesn't show your chest.) Also apply it on your legs & feet if you're wearing shorts. Next, use perfume, many people just spray it on their chest or torso, It's important to spray it on all your clothing items, shirt and pants/shorts/skirt. Spray some on your arms lightly & your hands, think about how often you use your arms and hands during the day. get a friend or family member to give you one spray on your back. MAGIC TIP: spray some perfume in your palms & rub them together, then rub your hands through your hair. It sounds silly, but through my years in cosmetology I've learned that your hair holds a LOT of your scent. Make sure you have sweet smelling shampoo & conditioner, ideally matching. Use more conditioner than shampoo so you don't make your hair dry! Make sure your clothes are always clean & use some nice smelling detergent. Putting scented dryer sheets in the drying can also make a world of difference! Don't let your pets lay on your clothes before you leave the house. Hope this helps! xx

What is a nice day to you?

What is a nice day to you?

Family, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a nice bed, and a quiet mind. That's how it is right now. I really don't mind if its raining or sunny, though too much rain can be depressing. I like eating a sandwhich with a cola under blue sunny skies, that would be a nice day. There are many things you can do to make a nice day. Maybe play some piano, get out of the house and go for a walk, find a comfy spot and a good philosophy book.

Have you had a nice Valentine’s Day?

Have you had a nice Valentine's Day?

I can completely sympathize with you! My day started bad too! Horrible, in fact! I had to get oral surgery--three teeth pulled and dental implants--so I knew that there was no chocolate in the stars for me for Valentine's Day this year, which is tragic because I LOVE chocolate, especially the heart shaped red boxes of assorted Valentine's candy. : [

But, my husband made it all better....Over the past week he brought me a few little boxes of Valentine's candy because he knew that I wouldn't be able to eat it today. Last night I came home from work and he had bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (actually two bouquets together), had set the table with wine and the flowers and he had gone out and bought home my favourite take out meal that I absolutely love. He put a card on my plate that he wrote on the envelope: "An early Valentine's surprise given the circumstances." and he drew hearts and teeth all over the envelope! It was really cute....

Then today he took me to the oral surgeon and comforted me in the recovery room and has been doing everything for me all day...from buying me the biggest stack of celebrity mags like In Touch and Us and People because he knows how much I like to read them in the line at the grocery store, but I never buy them. He brought me tons of soft food for me to eat, all my favourites like scalloped potatoes (don't ask me why, but I love them) mashed potatoes, ice cream, Campbell's alphabet soup, etc. He brought my meals to me on a tray on the sofa with a "get well" card. He just made me feel so loved and cared for!

I'm glad that you felt the same way at end of day! : ]

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