Bartender Appreciation Day 2019 is on Thursday, December 5, 2019: should the bartender tip the busboy?


Thursday, December 5, 2019 is Bartender Appreciation Day 2019. Bartender Appreciation Day Bartender Appreciation Day

should the bartender tip the busboy?

Even if she's not suppose to tip you she should have because you helped her out. She could have given you at least something. First though ask your manager if she was suppose to or not because you don't want to be creating drama.

Who do I give tips to on the wedding day?

Who do I give tips to on the wedding day?

You are by no means OBLIGATED to tip anyone but in good faith and a sign of appreciation these are the ones that should receive a tip if that is your choice and the job has been amazing...

-Hair Stylist

-Wedding Coordinator


-Valet or Parking Attendants

-Waiting Staff and/or Bartenders (read your venue contract first though as many include the gratuity already)

In my professional opinion, everyone within this Industry gets paid well enough and tipping is strictly a personal choice. There are many website that offer tipping guideline, you can read them but remember they are guidelines NOT written in stone ;)

How much should i tip my wedding help bartender,dj,photog,officiant etc...?

How much should i tip my wedding help bartender,dj,photog,officiant etc...?

I just found this great article about wedding tipping. Unfortuately it's too long to copy and paste in the answer ... but here's the link:

Here's the nity-grity facts:

Decide How Much to Tip

For specific suggestions, see this “Tipper’s Table,” excerpted from event planner Mindy Weiss’s The Wedding Book (Workman, $20,

Bartenders: 10 percent of the total liquor bill (to be split among them)

Bathroom attendants: $1 to $2 per guest

Catering manager: $200+ or a personal gift

Chef: $100+

Coat check attendants: $1 to $2 per guest

Hairstylist: 15 to 20 percent

Hotel chambermaids: $2 to $5 per room; $10 to $15 if you used a suite as your dressing room

Limo or bus drivers: 15 percent

Maitre d’hotel or headwaiter: 1 to 3 percent of food and beverage fees

Makeup artist: 15 to 20 percent

Musicians: 15 percent of fee for ceremony musicians; $25 to $50 per musician for reception

Photographer/videographer: If you’re paying a flat fee with no overtime, $100

Valet or parking attendants: $1 to $2 per car; 15 percent for valet parking

Waiters: $20 and up each (distributed by the catering manager or maitre d’)

Wedding planner: 15 percent of fee or a personal gift

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